Local Pride

Shamrock Farms goes organic with dedicated herd and new products.

For the first time in Arizona, consumers now have organic dairy products from a local company they know and trust — Shamrock Farms.
Starting in early June, the Phoenix-based vertically integrated processor began rolling out its new line of organic milk from its own herd of organic Holstein cows. While Shamrock Farms’ traditional herd of more than 10,000 cows has never been treated with synthetic growth hormones, the company took things a step further by adding an organic herd, thereby increasing availability for consumers and playing a role in the growth of the organic category from an industry perspective. Shamrock Farms describes the move as one of its most significant launches in the company’s 85 years.
Shamrock’s organic dairy products will carry the United States Department of Agriculture certified-organic seal, which certifies the production and handling practices meet national standards and have been approved by a certified inspector.
“Shamrock Farms is proud to be the first and only Arizona dairy to offer organic milk,” says Mike Krueger, senior vice president and general manager. “The Arizona organic market grew more than 50 percent in the last year, which is double the national average, and we want to provide consumers — particularly moms — with a local organic option from a brand they know and trust.”
Shamrock’s organic line will initially be available in whole and 2 percent reduced-fat milk. Organic fat-free milk and sour cream options are expected in September.
“Dairy foods are the most nutritious and effective way to naturally get the calcium families need. Shamrock Farms now provides Arizonans with local organic milk, which gives them confidence in dairy products that are rBST-free, fresh and delicious,” says Linda Vaughan, a registered dietician and professor in the nutrition department at Arizona State University. Shamrock Farms has partnered with Vaughan to help educate consumers about organics.
The organic cows graze on a lush, green pasture at Shamrock’s farm in Stanfield and are fed 100 percent certified organic feed, which must be grown without the use of pesticides as mandated by USDA standards. The cows produce organic milk that provides the same benefits as traditional dairy, including nine essential nutrients.
Shamrock’s organic launch is the latest move by the growing processor, which earlier this year announced that its branded milk would be available in kids’ meals at Subway restaurants.
For more information, visit www.shamrockfarmsorganic.com.
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