Creators Briefs

Chicory Root Fiber for Low-Fat Ice Cream
Sensus America has created a fat replacement system for ice cream based on natural chicory root fiber inulin/oligofructose. The system allows food technologists to make a good tasting low-fat ice cream at a reduced cost. It consists of Frutalose® L92 and Frutafit® HD. Frutalose L92 is a liquid oligofructose with 92 percent fiber, 45 percent sweetness versus sucrose and high solubility. It enhances heat-shock stability, resulting in a softer, scoopable ice cream. Frutafit HD is a gel-forming inulin powder, offering a fat-like texture. The system also helps to boost pleasant fruit flavors and mask off-tastes of high-intensity sweeteners in ice cream. — Sensus America Inc., (646) 452-6143,
Weight-Conscious Drink
Campina dairy cooperative recently launched a new shot drink containing DSM Food Specialties’ Fabuless, a weight management ingredient, in the Netherlands. “Optimel Control” is a second-generation line extension of Campina’s Optimel range of dairy products for the weight-conscious consumer. Offered in raspberry and lemon flavors, Optimel Control will meet burgeoning consumer demand for the effective weight management products that are convenient and great tasting. Dairy products containing Fabuless, which is available in Italy and Portugal, is a patent-protected combination of oat and palm oils, both naturally occurring dietary lipids. — DSM Food Specialties,
Organic Prebiotic
GTC Nutrition’s NutraFlora short-chain fructooligosaccharides was approved by the National Organic Standards Board to be included on the list of non-organically produced ingredients that are allowed to be used in organic products. NutraFlora is the only North American-produced prebiotic on this list. All agricultural, non-organically produced ingredients that will be used in organic food, beverage and supplement formulations are required to be approved by the NOSB by June 9. NutraFlora prebiotic fiber helps enrich Horizon Organic yogurts and fruit smoothies. — GTC Nutrition, (800) 522-4682,
Natural Lutein Ester
The new Xangold® natural lutein ester 20 percent ingredient enables customers to double the lutein ester content of tablets and capsules without increasing the size of finished products. Xangold 20 percent natural lutein ester beadlets are free-flowing and non-GM. Esters are natural compounds that form a large part of the everyday diet. The body naturally and readily breaks them apart during the digestive process and releases the lutein for absorption into the bloodstream, and for onward distribution to tissues such as the retina. Produced from marigold flowers grown specifically for Cognis, Xangold natural lutein esters undergo the minimum processing necessary to give a top-quality, natural-source product, which is supplied in multiple concentrations and forms to meet customer needs. — Cognis Nutrition & Health,  
Organic Coffee Extracts
With more than 100 years of tradition, Autocrat offers regular and organic coffee extracts to flavor ice cream, iced cappuccino drinks, soy beverages and other dairy products in a category poised for unprecedented growth, as well as flavoring for alcohol-based products. Autocrat, a fourth-generation family-owned business that roasts coffee and manufactures coffee extracts, has enjoyed rapid growth of coffee extracts in both national and international markets. To meet the demand for coffee extracts, the company has purchased a multimillion-dollar custom state-of-the-art extraction system. — Autocrat Inc., (800) 288-6272,
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