Yogurt & Cultured Beverages

Orange Cream Liquid Yogurt
Corporación Inlaca has released this drinkable yogurt under the Yoplait Delicious brand. Available in an orange cream variety, the chilled yogurt comes in a 900-gram paperboard carton at a suggested retail of BS 3421.00 ($1.59).
Organic Probiotic Yogurt
Rewe’s Füllhorn brand has launched Bio-Joghurt Bircher-Müsli Organic Probiotic Mild Yogurt. With 5 percent fruit and 2.5 percent cereal, the product claims to have a positive effect on digestion. The chilled product comes in 150-gram plastic tubs, each selling for .49 euros (about 65 cents).
Blueberry Yogurt
Nöm Mix Naturrein Heidelbeer Blueberry Yogurt is free of artificial flavors and preservatives. It’s said to contain 12 percent blueberries. Each 180-gram plastic tub carries a suggested retail price of .49 euros (about 65 cents).
Aloe Vera Yogurt
This spoonable yogurt from Nestlé Chile S.A. contains aloe vera pieces. Each 125-gram plastic cup sells for 199 CLP (about 37 cents).
Mild Strawberry Yogurt
Zott has added a strawberry variety to its Sahne Kefir line of chilled spoonable yogurt. This product comes in a 150-gram plastic tub at a suggested retail price of .59 euros (about 77 cents).
Fermented Dairy Beverage
Claiming to aid digestion, Nestlé Chamyto fermented dairy beverage is aimed at children. The chilled product comes in a six-pack of 76-milliliter plastic bottles, each pack priced at 16.80 MXN (about $1.50).
Mango Flavored Whey Drink
From Migros comes Fructix Mango, a flavored chilled whey beverage. Available in 250-milliliter PET bottles with shrink-sleeve labels, the drink retails for 1.10 CHF (89 cents).
SOURCE: Mintel’s Global New Products Database
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