Creators Briefs

Natural Flavor Reduces Astringency
Wixon Inc. introduces Astringency Away, a natural flavor mixture that reduces or eliminates astringency, the mouthfeel sensation characterized as dry and rough. A number of processed food ingredients and items used for fortification create an astringent taste, including soy and whey proteins and isolates, and some botanical extracts. Astringency also can be a problem in cranberry or grape products such as juices, jams and jellies, and spreads and dressings. In any application where astringency is present but not desired, Astringency Away, a non-characterizing “natural flavor,” can be added to reduce, eliminate, or mask the unwanted sensory effect. By reducing astringency, end products have a more balanced finish and a well-rounded taste. Astringency Away is available in both liquid and powder forms, and is added at very low levels — 0.1 to 0.3 percent. It has little or no effect on the aesthetic or nutritional aspects of finished products. — Wixon Inc., (800) 841-5304,
All-Natural Fat Replacer
What gum blend can replace fat in dressings, instant bake mixes, sauces, meat analogs, ice cream and more? Gum Technology’s cold setting Coyote Brand Stabilizer CKX-Fat Replacer mimics fat and creates a creamy mouthfeel in low/non-fat products. This all-natural blend of cellulose gel, konjac and xanthan contains soluble and insoluble fiber and is excellent for freeze-thaw stability and moisture control. — Gum Technology Corp., (800) 369-4867,
Replace Fat, Maintain Taste and Texture
Z Trim is a cost-effective, zero-calorie, all-natural fat replacement ingredient that is used to replace much of the oil, butter and other fats, including trans-fats, in cream sauces and dressings, bakery fillings, and processed meats. An amorphous viscous fiber rendered from grain such as corn, oat and soy, Z Trim’s patented process renders the insoluble fiber of grain into a soluble gel that mimics fat. Z Trim can also be used to emulsify, bind, shape and suspend. It can be used to block fat absorption and improve outer crispness while improving internal textures of foods prepared for deep frying. Z Trim does not create the unpleasant side effects that have been associated with some fat replacement products of the past. Z Trim comes in either a 4% gel or a powder form that can be rehydrated to match a desired consistency and is also available in a non-GMO oat version. — Z Trim, (847) 549-6002,
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