International Round-Up

Danone Vitalinea con Livian-V
French yogurt giant Danone is targeting women in Guatemala with this new yogurt drink sold under the Vitalinea con Livian-V name. It’s made with active probiotic lactic bacteria purported to target the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. The beverage is sold in 250g plastic bottles.
Ohayo Jersey Gyunyu Soft Ice Cream Cone
From Ohayo Dairy Products comes this soft ice cream made with 30 percent Japanese Jersey cow’s milk. Each 180 milliliter cone comes in a plastic pack and retails for 150 JPY (about $1.30).
La Cremeria Lunallegre
Morbide Merende Gelato — soft ice cream sandwiched between two round slices of sponge cake — is an extension of Nestlé Italiana’s Lunallegre (“happy moon”) line of ice cream products. A six-count, 258-gram box retails for 3.89 EUR (about $4.90).
Gü Ice Cream
United Kingdom
This new selection of ice creams from Rensow Ltd. features Bourbon Vanilla, Chocolate & Raspberry (chocolate ice cream with a raspberry variegate) and Double Chocolate (chocolate with a chocolate variegate). Gü Ice Cream come in 500-milliliter packages that retail for 3.99 GBP (about $7.35).
Nestlé Schöller Frubetto
Nestlé Deutschland has launched a new range of ice creams that contain large pieces of fruit. With 3 percent fat, Frubetto comes in yogurt lemon-apple, buttermilk cherry-strawberry, buttermilk peach and yogurt wild fruit varieties. The 500-milliliter cartons sell for 1.99 EUR (about $2.50).
Scandal Impulse Ice Cream
Evga S.A. has relaunched its Scandal line of Impulse ice creams in four varieties — Vanilla Secrets, Chocolate Orgy, Cookies Arrested and Unfaithful Chocolate.
Candia Smietanka do Kawy
This liquid coffee creamer made with pasteurized milk comes has been introduced in Poland. Manufactured by Bohusovicka Mlekarna in the Czech Republic, each 175-milliliter glass bottle retails for 1.99 PLN (about 65 cents).
Lotte Slivkis
Slivkis Gazirovannyj Molohnyj Napitok, a milk-based fizzy drink, is made by Lotte Chilsung Beverage Co. Ltd. under the Lotte brand name. Offered in Creamy and Orange varieties, the purportedly low-calorie drinks come in 250-milliliter cans.
Friesche Vlag Goudband
This sterilized milk product comes in easy-to-open small cups called “pods.” Manufactured by Friesland Coberco Dairy Foods, the 10-cup boxes sell for .39 EUR (about 50 cents).
Lincott Yakin Bebida
This fermented milk drink comes from Mexico’s Cor S.A. de C.V. in strawberry, peach and natural varieties. The 206 milliliter plastic bottles sell for 9.90 MXN (about 86 cents) each.
Vital Trina Fruit & Milk Drink
This mixture of skim milk and fruit comes from Schweppes SA. Enriched with vitamins A, C and E, it comes in Tropical and Multifruitas (multi-fruit) varieties, each also available as sugar-free. The beverage comes in either a 330-mililiter aseptic box or a 1-liter carton with a screw top.
SOURCE: Productscan Online
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