Creators Briefs

Whiter Cheese
Danisco helps pizza makers control browning with DairyHOX™, a scientifically advanced enzyme that whitens and extends the shelf life of pizza cheese. This patented hexose oxidase acts as an oxygen scavenger while providing browning control in commercial pizza ovens. – Danisco, (800) 255-6837,
Blueberry Pomegranate Chunk
Kerry’s new frozen dessert flavor concept is the indulgent answer to today’s growing trend toward health and wellness. Featuring state-of-the-art fortified ingredients, this Blueberry Pomegranate Chunk ice cream offers the balance of wellness and flavor that today’s health savvy consumers are looking for. By taking the guilt out of dessert cravings, this Blueberry Pomegranate Chunk concept features an all-natural stabilizer, Omega-3 fortified walnut bark chips and fruity pomegranate flavor swirled with a sweet blueberry variegate. – Kerry Americas, (800) 255-6312,
More Taste, Less Guilt
Ice Cream Rebalance™ 500, a new ingredient Solution Set for lowfat, no-sugar-added ice cream for the U.S. market, gives brands a healthier profile without compromising taste or creaminess. Tate & Lyle Ice Cream Rebalance provides lowfat, no-sugar-added ice cream with sweetness, texture and the mouthfeel of butterfat. It also adds body without the added sugars. Calories are reduced by replacing bulk sweeteners with a range of tailored Tate & Lyle sweetening ingredients such as Splenda-brand sucralose. When compared to a full-fat premium ice cream, Ice Cream Rebalance 500 can create a product with 59 percent fewer calories, 76 percent less sugar and 89 percent less fat. Although the product is lower in calories, sugar and fats, it still maintains the creaminess of a full-fat product. – Tate & Lyle,
Keeping Out Light
Milk-based products are susceptible to off-flavor development when exposed to the ultraviolet or fluorescent light of store display cases. The off flavors can result from either a lipid oxidation or a riboflavin-catalyzed degradation of the milk amino acids. Typical dairy product packaging, including HDPE, cardboard and plastic/glass with shrink sleeves, do little to keep out light and prevent the problem. Possible solutions include protective packaging, which often restricts container and graphics flexibility and can add significant costs; and antioxidants, which have limited effectiveness and can introduce additional off flavors. Wild Flavors has developed LightShield™, a patent-pending, ingredient-based technology that prevents formation of off flavors in dairy products caused by light exposure. LightShield technology uses FDA GRAS ingredients and can be used in both high- and low-acid products. LightShield offers flexibility not available with protective packaging, allowing manufactures to use any form of packaging for dairy-based products. – Wild Flavors, (888) 342-3600,
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