Creators Briefs

Coffee to Go
X Café LLC, a manufacturer of shelf-stable coffee extracts, is now packaging products in 1,000-liter totes for ingredient use. Bulk packaging in the nitrogen-flushed totes allows for repackaging at a co-packer. The polyethylene high-density totes are FDA certified and impact and chemical resistant with an antioxidant barrier. They are easily stacked and shipped, and are recyclable. Double Dark, X Café’s new premium product, is popular for ingredient use due to its bold and hearty flavor. X Café’s Coffee Extract is also available in bag-in-box for high-volume foodservice accounts. — X Café LLC, (877) 492-2331,
Innovation and Phosphates
Born of innovation and phosphates is Innophos, a complete range of food-grade specialty phosphates for dairy, beverage and other applications. Innophos continues to add new phosphates to its range with developments in processed cheese, beverages, baking, meat curing and other food ingredients including Curafos® blends and VersaCal™ MP. — Innophos Inc., (609) 495-2495,
Creamy Rice Starch
Penford Food Ingredients, a carbohydrate manufacturer for processed food, adds a variety of rice starches to its portfolio of potato, tapioca and corn starch products. The rollout includes unmodified and modified rice starches that conform to non-GMO standards meeting European Regulations for use in food. Rice’s ultra-fine particle size translates into a smoother and creamier texture. In its native state, rice starch offers a broader range of uses versus other comparable products. Freeze-thaw stability, high moisture retention and a clean taste are a few of the primary benefits of rice starch. — Penford Food Ingredients Co., (800) 652-4732,
Smooth Stabilizer
Continental Custom Ingredients introduces Smooth™, a new line of stabilizers for ice cream applications. Smooth is available in a variety of formulas for multiple ice cream applications, all designed to impart smooth and creamy texture attributes as well as superior control over product changes caused by temperature fluctuations and the effect time has on the stability of frozen products. The company is launching a campaign, “It’s What’s Inside That Counts,” to reinforce the importance of texture in ice cream as “counting” with consumers when they purchase. The “All you need is a spoon” tag line references the smooth and creamy texture of Smooth. — Continental Custom Ingredients, (800) 323-9489.
Rebalanced Ice Cream
Tate & Lyle launches Ice Cream Rebalance™ 500, a new ingredient solution set for lowfat, no-sugar-added ice cream. Tate & Lyle Rebalance™ gives brands a healthier profile, offering formulators a way to create a reduced-fat, reduced-sugar ice cream without compromising on taste or creaminess. Ice Cream Rebalance™ 500 provides lowfat, no-sugar-added ice cream with sweetness, texture and the mouthfeel of butterfat and adds body without the added sugars. Ice Cream Rebalance™ 500 reduces calories by replacing bulk sweeteners with a range of tailored Tate & Lyle sweetening ingredients, which includes Splenda®. — Tate & Lyle,
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