Awards of Excellence

Dairy cooperative honors quality, food safety and marketing achievements.
Quality Chekd Dairies Inc., Naperville, Ill., named the recipients of its Irving B. Weber, Wayne Gingrich and Harlie F. Zimmerman awards at its 2005 Spring Leadership Conference.
The Irving B. Weber Award for Quality Excellence was given to Niagara Falls, N.Y.-based Wendt’s Dairy. The company accumulated the highest annual scores for leadership, customer satisfaction, production quality, marketing communications, staff development and overall business ethics. Recognized for the best overall company achievement, Wendt’s received the distinguished Irving B. Weber trophy and a check for $25,000.
Creamland Dairies Inc.’s ice cream facility in Albuquerque, N.M., was the recipient of the Wayne Gingrich Award for Production, which recognizes the best single-production plant within Quality Chekd. The Gingrich award acknowledges top production and is presented for total quality at a single plant. Overall performance is determined by the highest annual scores for lab tests, plant visits, customer communications, quality standards, and quality measurement and control. In honor of this distinction, Creamland received a grandfather clock.
The Harlie F. Zimmerman Award was given to Omaha, Neb.-based Roberts Dairy Co., for marketing excellence and best communication of brand essence. The Zimmerman Award was bestowed upon Roberts for its clearly defined marketing objectives and strategies, measurable actions and execution of results. The company also received a grandfather clock for its efforts.
“Our members continually raise the bar when it comes to the quality and marketing achievements that garner the Weber, Gingrich and Zimmerman awards,” says Peter Horvath, managing director of Quality Chekd Dairies. “Such dedication to ongoing excellence and quality in products, manufacturing and promotion is one of the many reasons Quality Chekd members are able to distinguish themselves in their respective markets.”
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