WCIC EXhibitors
Company NameBooth
A&B Process Systems59
A&L Labs Inc.20
Advanced Automation Systems100
Advanced Detection Systems3
Aero Painting Inc.79
Ag States Agency LLC6
Alcan Packaging88
Allied Starch & Chemical116
American Country Health112
Amerol Corp.43
Anderson Chemical Co.41
Applied Science Inc.30
Applied Technologies Inc.102
APT (Advanced Process Technologies)50
Atlas Cold Storage62
Basic Concepts Inc.94
Blackhawk Automation Inc.125
Bytec Inc.36
C.E. Rogers Co.137
Cargill Salt57
CEM Corp.60
Center Point Energy48
Cheese Market News98
Cheese Reporter120
Chicago Mercantile Exchange106
Chr. Hansen Inc.130
Corenco Inc.126
Covercrete Midwest16
Crane Engineering Sales Inc.54
Cryovac/Sealed Air Corp.128
Curwood Inc.123
Custom Fabricating & Repair Inc.14
CVP Systems Inc.38
Dairy Fab LLC35
Dairy Field Magazine89
Danisco USA Inc.121
Data Specialists Inc.108
DCI Inc.97
Debelak Technical Systems Inc.148
Degussa Food Ingredients - Cultures and Enzymes111
Doryl SA1
D.R. Tech26
DSM Food Specialties USA Inc.68
Ecolab Inc.110
Encos Global Systems Ltd.24
Endress + Hauser Inc.132
Energy Panel Structures Inc.15
ESE Inc.133
Evaporator Dryer Technologies Inc.99
Excel Engineering Inc.82
Fairway Dairy & Ingredients17
Faith Engineering Inc.157
Fiberglass Solutions Inc.143
Filochrome Inc.81
Filtration Engineering Co. Inc.45
Focus on Energy31
Food Safety Net Services Ltd.140
Foodmaster Logistics of Wisconsin28
FoodTools Inc.115
Fortress Technology Inc.85
Garon Industries Inc.122
General Machinery Corp.37
GS Systems/Wonderware146
Hardy Diagnostics39
Hart Design & Mfg. Inc.142
Hayssen Packaging Technologies42
Heritage Manufacturing Inc.10
Hydrite Chemical Co.139
International Fiber Corp.92
International Machinery Exchange127
International Media & Cultures Inc.147
Ivarson Inc.13
J. Rettenmaier USA46
Jasper Engineering & Equipment Co.76
Johnson Industries International Inc.75
Kelley Supply Inc.119
Koch Equipment LLC107
Koch Membrane Systems Inc.21
Kusel Equipment Co.91
Lock Inspection Systems103
Loma/Cintex Systems138
Loos Machine Inc.56
Marchant Schmidt Inc.34
Masters Gallery Foods Inc.18
Matrix Packaging Machinery Inc.4
Matrix Systems & Solutions73
Mead & Hunt Inc.7
Membrane System Specialists Inc.23
Metron Instruments Inc./On-Line Instrumentation101
Microgy Cogeneration Systems Inc.2
Millerbernd Design & Fabrication150
Miron Construction66
Mocon Inc.52
Multi-Conveyor LLC141
MVTL Laboratories Inc.49
National Agricultural Statistics Service USDA105
Nelson-Jameson Inc.71
Niro Inc. Food & Dairy Division155
Northland Cold Storage134
Nu-Con Equipment51
Operations Technologies40
Opportunity Development Centers Inc.8
Oshkosh Cheese Sales & Storage83
P.J. Kortens and Co. Inc.44
Packaging Tape Inc.53
Paul Mueller Co.74
Planning Concepts Inc.84
Precise Cutting & Conveying Systems58
Procorp Inc.63
Protective Coating Specialists Inc.156
PTI Advanced Filtration Inc.55
QLC Inc.131
R. Mueller Service & Equipment Co.69
R.D. Smith Co. Inc.80
Readco Manufacturing Inc.12
Reiser Inc.64
Relco Unisystems Corp.72
Research Products Co.61
Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands78
Separators Inc.27
Sharpe Engineering & Equipment113
Sonoco Crellin B.V.86
Stainless Steel Fabricating Inc.136
Stoelting LLC129
Stuart W. Johnson & Co. Inc.151
Sun Line Inc.67
Sympak Inc. Stephan Division152
Taylor Cheese Corp.135
Tetra Pak Inc.5
The Glennon Group109
Thomas Technical Services Inc.32
Triad Engineering Inc.70
United Salt Corp.104
Urschel Laboratories Inc.65
VC999 Packaging Systems19
Viking Machine & Design Inc.144
Vista Marketing Inc.22
Walker Stainless Equipment Co.124
Water & Steam Management153
Waukesha Cherry-Burrell, an SPX Process Equipment Operation93
Weber Scientific145
Westfalia Separator Inc.154
Westra Construction Inc.11
WI Aging & Grading Cheese Inc.90
WI Center for Dairy Research96
WI Milk Marketing Board95
WI Sheep Dairy Cooperative25
WOW Logistics90
WPS Energy Services33

Exclusive Sponsors to the WCIC
These companies have assumed exclusive sponsorship of key events at the 2005 Wisconsin Cheese Industry Conference:
JohnsonDiversey Sponsor of the Seminar Refreshment Breaks

DSM Food Specialties USA Inc. Sponsor of the Wednesday Lunch

Chr. Hansen Sponsor of the Wednesday Evening Championship Cheese Auction Reception

Danisco Inc. Sponsor of the Thursday Lunch

Degussa Food Ingredients Sponsor of Thursday Evening’s Championship Reception

Focus on Energy Sponsor of Awards Banquet Contribution for Contest Winners
Seminar Co-Sponsors
These companies will co-sponsor seminars at the 2005 Wisconsin Cheese Industry Conference
Dairy Business Association

Dairy Business Innovation Center

Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research

Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association

Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board
Contributor Sponsors
These sponsors have donated a minimum of $250 to conference events:
Championship Cheese Best Awards
A&B Process Systems

Alcan Packaging

Amerol Corp.


Cargill Salt


Cryovac/Sealed Air Corp.

Dairy & Food Market Analyst Inc.

Danisco USA Inc. (blue cheese)

Ecolab, Inc.

Endress + Hauser Inc.

Kelley Supply Inc. (mozzarella)

Kusel Equipment Co.

Millerbernd Design & Fabrication

Nelson-Jameson Inc. (cheese triers)

Oshkosh Cheese Sales & Storage

Paul Mueller Co.

Precise Cutting & Conveying


R. Mueller Service & Equipment Co. (Swiss)

Sargento Foods Inc. ($500 Champion Award)

T.C. Jacoby & Co. Inc.

Tetra Pak Inc.

Tosca Ltd.

Triad Engineering Inc.

Vilutis & Co. Inc.
Conference Seminars
Applied Science Inc.

Atlas Cold Storage

Cheese Reporter

CPS–Scherping ($500)

Cryovac/Sealed Air Corp.

DCI Inc.

Debelak Technical Systems Inc.

Hayssen Packaging Technologies

International Machinery Exchange

Nelson-Jameson Inc.

Stainless Steel Fabricating Inc.

Stoelting LLC

T.C. Jacoby & Co. Inc.

Tetra Pak, Inc.

Tosca Ltd.
General Sponsorship
These sponsors have donated a minimum of $100 to conference events:
Covercrete Midwest

CVP Systems Inc.

Filtration Engineering Co. Inc.

Food Safety Net Services Ltd.

International Machinery Exchange

Research Products Co.

Sonoco Crellin B.V.

Westfalia Separator Inc.