Liquid Reclaimer
The Product Saver Liquid Reclaimer opens and separates product from all types of flexible packages. It processes fluid and viscous products on the same system. The liquid reclaimer operates on a press system in which product is forced through compression jaws that operate on two air cylinders. As more product is fed into the compression chamber, these jaws restrict and compress the material rupturing the packaging and forcing the product through the screen area. The product is collected in a receiving tank and can be pumped away. The compressed packaging exits the back end of the system. Products can be barrel dumped, conveyor or manually fed into the press-receiving hopper. A continuous-feed process is achieved. The product offers a great way to salvage products and reduce landfill waste.
— Product Saver, a division of General Processing Systems Inc., 4232 Venard Road, Downers Grove, Ill., 60515, phone: (630) 963-8950, fax: (630) 963-8969, e-mail:, Web site:

Sanitation and Food-Safety Products
Color-coded black bristles on floor drain brushes help sanitation personnel keep them segregated to avoid cross-contamination. Unfortunately, the traditional white handles have led to confusion with some color-coded programs, since white brushes are typically used in processing areas. Nelson-Jameson has solved this problem by offering a black handle so personnel can determine — at a glance — that the brush is to be used with floor drains. This 36-inch black-plastic handle is made specifically for Carlisle-brand floor-drain brush heads, and is stocked for immediate shipment. Additionally, Nelson-Jameson’s Soft-Serve Ice Cream Test Kit makes it easy to quickly test for bacteria that indicate contamination. The new kit provides accurate results for less than $2 per test. It requires no expensive laboratory equipment and can be used to test soft-serve ice cream, soft-serve mix, frozen custard and traditional ice cream. The test kit includes everything needed to conduct 50 tests as well as step-by-step instruction and interpretation guides. Results are obtained in just 24 hours.
— Nelson-Jameson Inc., 2400 E. Fifth St., P.O. Box 647, Marshfield, Wis., 54449, phone: (715) 387-1151, fax: (715) 387-8746,
Web site:

Servo Control Label Applicator
Auto Labe now offers the Model 110S Servo Control Label Applicator for exceptional label placement accuracy in mid-range application speeds. The Model 110S was engineered utilizing the latest technology in servo motor drives for years of trouble-free, reliable use. Options for the 110S include and encoder interface for varying line speeds, web monitoring systems, adjustable stands and wide label kits.
— Auto Labe, 3101 Industrial Ave. 2, Fort Pierce, Fla., 34946, phone: (772) 465-4441, fax: (772) 465-5177, Web site:

Combo Checkweigher
Hi-Speed Checkweigher's Beltweigh/S Combo Checkweigher features Hi Speed’s new S Series Controller and a Safeline® metal detector. The new S Series touch-screen control provides ease-of-operation and improves machine performance while superior accuracy is delivered at high-production rates with the servo-driven Beltweigh/S product-handling system. The Beltweigh/S is built rugged and is suited for a wide range of products and can be equipped with Hi-Speed’s LogIn Server option to meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.
— Hi-Speed Checkweigher Co. Inc., 5 Barr Road, Ithaca, N.Y., 14850-9117, phone: (800) 836-0836 or (607) 257-6000, fax: (607) 257-5232, e-mail:, Web site:

Wrap-Around Shrink Labeling
B&H Labeling Systems’ patented Endura® shrink labeling process combines high-speed roll-fed labeling with the BH700™ Shrink System to label contoured containers. As product manufacturers increasingly look for an affordable way to create an eye-catching shelf presence, wrap-around shrink labeling is becoming the favored choice. Compared to shrink-sleeve labeling, Endura dramatically reduces costs. In contrast with pre-printed, litho-decorated containers, Endura achieves significant inventory reduction and allows for cost-effective, short production runs.
— B&H Labeling Systems, 3461 Roeding Road, Box 247, Ceres, Calif., 95307-9442, phone: (209) 537-5785, fax: (209) 537-6854, Web

Foil-Laminate Lidstock
Flexicon’s Flexi 6744 peelable lidstock for thermoformed cups seals through oil and chemical contamination. The lamination is made from polyester, foil and a proprietary three-layer, co-extruded sealant. It is said to be one of the only peelable lidstocks on the market that can seal through oil and chemical contamination, making it ideal for a variety of challenging food applications. The Flexi 6744 was engineered to mate with thermoformed cups and trays containing Surlyn® ionomer sealant layer. The combination offers good, consistent peel seals through tough contamination.
— Flexicon Inc., 165 Chicago St., Cary, Ill., 60013, phone: (847) 639-3530, fax: (847) 639-6828, e-mail:, Web site:

Smart Label Encoder-Applicator
Weber Marking Systems’ exclusive AlphaRFID smart label encoder-applicator encodes, verifies and applies pressure-sensitive RFID smart labels to items on the production or packaging line. In addition, if an RFID tag embedded in a smart label cannot be verified, the smart label is rejected before application and is retained on its liner. The system, only available from Weber, provides smart labeling that will help users meet the emerging RFID supply chain requirements of major retailers and government agencies.
— Weber Marking Systems Inc., 711 W. Algonquin Road, Arlington Heights, Ill., 60005-4457, phone: (800) 843-4242, e-mail:, Web site:

Aseptic Dispenser
With International Dispensing's Fresh Flow™ Valve, liquid product can be dispensed from a flexible bag or pouch without bacteria or oxygen entering the package. Because contents are never exposed throughout the lifespan of the product, the necessity for preservatives or refrigeration is reduced or eliminated. The tamper-proof closure and air-tight seal enhance product safety. Certified aseptic by the Food and Drug Administration and National Foods Labs, the Fresh Flow valve can be adapted to fit onto any flexible bag, pouch or semi-rigid package while protecting the contents from contamination. It can travel through aseptic fillers and withstand the highest levels of irradiation and steam sterilization required by the food and beverage and medical industries.
— International Dispensing Corp., 7502 Connelley Drive, Suite 100, Hanover, Md., 21076, phone (410) 761-0070, fax: (410) 761-2077, Web site:

Oxygen Sorbents
Dairy processors and cheese manufacturers can now protect dairy foods (including all natural cheeses) from spoilage with Multisorb Technologies’ FreshPax™ oxygen sorbents. FreshPax oxygen sorbents naturally maintain the shelf life and quality of packaged cheese and cheese products without additives or preservatives. FreshPax retains food taste and color by effectively removing oxygen from the interior packaging environment, and protects packaged dairy foods such as cheeses, fermented diary products such as yogurt and sour cream, and other dairy foods from spoilage, mold growth and other aerobic degradation.
— Multisorb Technologies Inc., 325 Harlem Road, Buffalo, N.Y., 14224-1893, phone: (716) 824-8900, fax: (716) 824-4128, e- mail:, Web site:

Packaging System
Food processors seeking to customize the shape of their products for aesthetic or more practical purposes now have a powerful tool available to them — Multivac’s FormShrink® system. With the FormShrink system, marketers of meat, poultry, cheese and many other food products, now can efficiently create a skin-tight package in virtually any shape, and seal it for optimal shelf life. This advanced packaging is made possible with Multivac’s new R550 and R250 rollstock machines, both developed specifically for the FormShrink process. Using the innovative films that shrink up to 40 percent, Multivac’s FormShrink system forms the bottom web to specifications. After the product is loaded, the top web is applied and sealed. The package is then shape-cut and passed through a steam shrink tunnel activating the unique properties of the film to render the final customized look.
— Multivac Inc., 11021 N.W. Pomona Ave., Kansas City, Mo., 64153, phone: (816) 891-0555, fax: (816) 891-0622, e-mail:, Web site:

Variable-Frequency Metal Detector
The first-ever variable frequency metal detector has been launched by Loma Systems under the Cintex Sentry VF brand name. Packagers with multi-product requirements will now have a higher degree of metal-detecting accuracy and flexibility than previously possible. The Sentry VF variable-frequency metal detector dramatically alters the way a metal detector functions by automatically analyzing product affect (temperature, moisture, salt content, speed and packaging material), reviewing a broad band of frequencies and allowing for the selection of the right one specific to the application. Because the frequencies are not present when the unit is manufactured, packagers now have the flexibility of running a variety of products through the same unit.
— Loma Systems Inc., 283 E. Lies Road, Carol Stream, Ill., 60188, phone: (630) 681-2050, fax: (630) 588-1394  m

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Wedge Conveyor
SpanTech's WhisperTrax™ Wedge Conveyor's dual-chain design allows users to incline or decline product in a small footprint, saving precious floor space. Configurable for a wide variety of applications, the continuous gripping chain crimps around product at the in-feed and transports it in a variable angle of incline or decline, up to 90 degrees. WhisperTrax models come manually adjustable for fixed position or fully adjustable with a hand crank. Variable-speed ranges are available and elevation changes up to 30 feet are possible. There are two models offered, with options to fit almost any application.
— SpanTech LLC, 1115 Cleveland Ave., Glasgow, Ky., 42141, phone: (270) 651-9166, fax: (270) 651-3929, Web site: or
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UV-Disinfection System
Aquionics has introduced the Quantum in-line, medium-pressure UV system. This compact, low-cost, disinfecting device is designed specifically for small-flow, dairy-process water applications (up to 520 gpm). To combat contamination and spoilage, the Quantum uses medium-pressure UV technology to disinfect product and flush water. An FDA-approved alternative to flash pasteurization, UV disinfection is capable of destroying virtually all microorganisms including bacteria, yeasts, molds and viruses. The system can also be used for deozonation and dechlorination.
— Aquionics, 21 Kenton Lands Road, Erlanger, Ky., 41018, phone: (859) 341-0710, fax: (859) 341-0350, Web site:

New Product Literature
Axon® Corp.’s new product literature contains information on the company's entire line of products including heat shrink-sleeve labeling and tamper-evident band applicators. Axon’s specialized machines, including turnkey operations and multi-head systems, are also highlighted. In addition, new Styrotech literature is available, which includes information on the advanced stretch-sleeve label applicators. A new Axon EZ-Seal® chart outlines applicator specifications for any product in need of a band or sleeve. Included in the chart is pertinent information such as maximum production (bottles per minute), film thickness and more.
— Axon Corp., 1341 Express Drive, Raleigh, N.C., 27603, phone: (919) 772-8383, fax: (919) 772-5575, e-mail:, Web site:

Stand-Up Pouch
Polymer Packaging’s quad-seal, pre-zippered, stand-up pouch allows companies to incorporate four separate registered printed webs into a single package. For the first time, brand and packaging designers can incorporate different materials and designs from four independent webs and print panels into a package (e.g. clear poly gussets with white poly front and back) with a transverse directional zipper on the front panel. This provides additional methods of offering pre-zippered, stand-up pouches to address the growing consumer demand for reclosable packaging. Polymer Packaging is able to convert this type of packaging through the acquisition of the Waterline RiteBag model stand-up pouch machine. Combining this machine with Polymer Packaging’s Inno-Lok® pre-zippered roll stock capabilities brings a unique offering to the packaging industry.
— Polymer Packaging Inc., 7576 Freedom Ave., North Canton, Ohio, 44720, phone: (800) 260-1446, Web site:
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