A new, patent pending quick-lock mounting system for their portable mixers that is standard equipment and lets users install and reposition the mixers without tools is being introduced by Sharpe Mixers of Seattle.
The Sharpe M5 Quick-Lock Mounting System for their line of clamp-mount and cup-plate mounted portable mixers eliminates the need for tools. Featuring ergonomic hand wheels rather than bolts and T-handles, users can now install and reposition their mixers by hand and for those who want added leverage, the wheels include a hexagonal base to accept an open-end wrench.
Incorporating interlocking wedge components that provide enhanced locking force when the wheels are turned by hand, the Sharpe M5 Quick-Lock Mounting System is constructed from stainless steel. For their portable sanitary mixers the hand wheels are also made from stainless steel and for the standard line of portable mixers they are aluminum and chrome-plated.
The Sharpe M5 Quick-Lock Mounting System is standard on their full line of portable mixers which are priced from $1,295.00 up; available from stock.

Sharpe Mixers