Simply Pure is a new line of fine-filtered milks from WhiteWave Foods, Bloomfield, Colo., a wholly owned subsidiary of Dean Foods, Dallas. Sold in half-gallon, gable-top cartons, Simply Pure comes in whole, reduced-fat and fat-free varieties.
What sets Simply Pure apart from traditional milk products is the fine-filtering process that removes inherent constituents that may have a negative effect on taste and freshness. While fine-filtered milk is new to the U.S., it has been popular in Canada for more than 10 years. Like most fluid milk products sold in the U.S., all varieties are fortified with vitamin D. The reduced-fat and fat-free versions also are supplemented with vitamin A.
“Simply Pure provides consumers with another option in the conventional dairy case, with the filtration process offering something current milk options don’t,” said Linda Zink, director of innovation for Simply Pure.