Rizo Lopez Foods Inc., makers of the Don Francisco brand, is scheduled to move their headquarters facility to the Beard Industrial Tract in Modesto, where it will manufacture cheese, yogurt and sour cream.

The Riverbank, Calif.-based company purchased wastewater treatment capacity from Modesto through a city-created "bank" at a lower cost than regular fees, thus allowing large industrial customers to sell unused wastewater capacity to other companies or donate it to the bank for tax write-offs. By purchasing sewer capacity through the program, Rizo Lopez Foods is said to save about $440,000.

This move will enable Rizo Lopez Foods to employ 180 people at the new production plant, which is the former Trim Masters site on South McClure Road. The company plans to start operation in December, and will continue operating the smaller Riverbank facility during the transition.

The Don Francisco brand products are sold in supermarkets in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Florida, Georgia and Texas.