Responding to consumer demand for "lean labelî products, Palsgaard A/S reduced the number of additives to just two in its new ExtruIce range of emulsifier and stabilizer systems, which it introduced in Europe in 2010.
And now Palsgaard is introducing not only its Palsgaard ExtruIce product line in the U.S. but also its latest functional blend, Palsgaard ExtruIce 304, which contains just one additive yet ensures a creamy, refreshing but full-bodied ice cream with excellent stand-up properties, heat shock stability and slow melting.
"Palsgaard ExtruIce 304 consists of one additive, mono- and diglycerides, and one other ingredient, vegetable fiber,î notes Hanne Ludvigsen, Product Manager, Ice Cream and Dairy Group, Palsgaard A/S. "As an ingredient, vegetable fiber is very much accepted by health-conscious consumers.
Palsgaard ExtruIce 304 joins Palsgaard ExtruIce 303, which contains just two additives, mono- and diglycerides and guar gum. Even with just one or two additives, the Palsgaard ExtruIce emulsifier and stabilizer systems for ice cream provide all the functionalities expected of emulsifiers and stabilizers with as many as five additives: improving whipping properties, texture, standup properties of extruded type ice cream, and melting resistance; modifying the sensory attributes of ice cream; and preventing ice crystal growth during storage.