Barry Callebaut announced in June it is rolling out a dark chocolate made with Stevia extract in the North, Central and South American markets. Barry Callebaut replaced sugar with an all-natural sweetener solution comprised of dietary fibers; the natural sugar alcohol erythritol; and Stevia extract, which alone offers zero calories per serving. The new product is said to offer the same taste, texture and aroma as fine, traditional chocolate.
“With obesity and obesity-related illnesses on the rise in the Americas, food manufacturers are continually evaluating the sugar and sweetener levels in their finished products in order to meet consumer demand for healthier options,” said Laura Bergan, marketing manager for Barry Callebaut North America’s food manufacturing division. “Barry Callebaut’s unique sweetening solution is based on a blend of ingredients from a natural source, offering the perfect balance of indulgence and nutrition.”
The no-sugar-added chocolate contains no artificial sweeteners and does not produce a laxative effect when consumed. The new chocolate can be used in a variety of applications, including molding, enrobing and inclusions, or customized for a specific application to provide food manufacturers a one-of-a-kind chocolate solution.

Barry Callebaut