Hanna Instruments’ new HI 903 Volumetric Karl Fisher Titrator combines an ultra high-precision titrant delivery system with optically regulated magnetic stirring, sophisticated endpoint determination, dynamic dosing and background drift correction algorithms. It comes equipped with a solvent handling system to reduce cell conditioning time and can be connected directly to any laboratory balance via serial interface. The software and menus appear on a large color LCD display, making it simple to view results, choose from included methods or develop a custom method for almost any application or sample type.
Hanna Instruments Inc.

PRS-TMM12 series transducers from Omega Engineering are designed for use in sanitary or hygienic clean-in-place applications in the food, dairy, beverage and biopharmaceutical industries. These transducers are manufactured with 316L stainless-steel housings that meet the dimensional and finish requirements of 3-A Standard 74-03 and ASME BPE-2007, and are welded and processed to provide a clean, smooth 32-microinch or better surface finish in wetted areas.
Omega Engineering Inc.

HK Instrument Systems’ HK-1 is a microwave-based measuring system that measures total solids during ultra filtration and other filtration processes. By continuously monitoring the total solids of raw milk or whey, the producer can have better control over the total solids, eliminate hand samples, completely automate UF methods, produce a less variable product and improve efficiencies upstream.
HK Instrument Systems

Intelligrated introduced the PLC-controlled Alvey robotic palletizer, which improves line integration, response time and overall productivity while reducing operator and maintenance training. PLC-based robotic controls are an alternative to the traditional proprietary robot controller, enabling customers to deploy new Alvey robotic palletizing solutions while maintaining standard familiar control platform. With minimal training, plant floor personnel can support these Intelligrated robotic applications without being “robotic experts.”

Westfalia Technologies introduces Savanna.NET warehouse management software version 2.3. Key features include real-time 3D visualization of the warehouse; a dashboard for tracking key statistics of warehouse operations; streamlined user rights-management interfaces; and improvements to the order picking module for integrating third-party picking solutions (i.e.; high-speed layer picking and mixed layer picking). Savanna 2.3’s 3D visualization allows users to view the warehouse from any angle, including walking through it. Individual items/SKUs and warehouse zones can be identified and filtered.
Westfalia Technologies Inc.

RMT Robotics introduced its newest robotic gantry-based case, layer and crate picking solutions. Specifically designed to meet high-volume, high-SKU distribution demands, this picking system offers a scalable and profitable alternative to manual or semi-automated case picking for beverage distribution operations. Key features include automated handling to reduce the need for human resources, a compact design of the storage space to ensure higher processing rates per square foot, error-free picking results in lower return rates and increased customer satisfaction and precise information on the location of all products as well as the ability to isolate SKUs in the event of a problem or recall. Plus, the modular design allows for smaller initial installations that can be easily expanded in volume or product variety.
RMT Robotics, a Cimcorp Oy company

Martin Brothers remanufactured its Crepaco S420 ingredient feeder with inverter-controlled A/C motors for a quiet, cool, clean and entirely adjustable operation. The touch-screen operator’s panel replaces the switches, buttons and knobs. Plus, the panel now contains controls for the start/stop/speed of motors, alarm page for overheating protection of drives and motors, hour meter for preventive maintenance schedule, spare parts listing and current date/time.
Martin Brothers, Inc.

Buchi introduces the NIRMaster, the newest addition to its portfolio of NIRSolutions. This instrument is the first stand-alone FT-NIR spectrometer that has been specifically designed with hygiene in mind for the food and feed industries. The NIRMaster is available in food-grade polymer and stainless-steel housings (both in protection class IP54 and IP65). Further, its unique polarization interferometer provides the instrument with high sensitivity, ensuring accurate and reliable results, as well as a level of robustness not typically found in instruments with other interferometer designs. Plus, its internal laser reference eliminates the need for frequent, expensive instrument standardizations, saving users time and money.
Buchi Corp.

Bosch Packaging introduces its intelligent transport system (ITS), a product infeed unit for horizontal flow wrappers. ITS balances out product flow irregularities, creates defined spaces and synchronizes product and film speeds. The system also ensures careful product transport of sensitive and non-accumulable food and confectionery products. It achieves output levels of up to 1,400 products per minute, and is powered by linear motors, in which more than 30 rotors are moved independently.
Bosch Packaging Technology Inc.

Neogen’s newly validated BetaStar Plus test (AOAC-RI 021107) detects dairy antibiotic residues in the beta-lactam group (penicillin, ampicillin, amoxicillin, cephapirin, ceftiofur and cloxacillin), at or below FDA regulatory levels. BetaStar Plus is an extremely simple dipstick test that requires only minimal training and equipment to produce consistently accurate results. It is also one of the fastest dairy antibiotic residue tests available, and can be used on the farm, tanker or in the laboratory. In just five minutes, BetaStar Plus gives clear results, with one line of detection specifically for ceftiofur. The test can be used with Neogen’s AccuScan III reader for accurate record keeping and data analysis.
Neogen Corp.

Polypack built a new wrap-around case packer to complement its existing line of shrink-wrap equipment. When compared to traditional RSC cases, the new case packer offers up to 30% savings on corrugate and uses die-cut corrugate blanks and forms by first loading the product onto the blanks. The end result is a tightly packed case that offers superior support for thin chipboard cases. The new case packer also features multi-layer packaging capability, servo-controlled gantry product loading system, automatic changeover adjustments and processes up to 20 cases per minute.
Polypack Inc.

The BLX-F2 automatic bag loader from Sealed Air’s Cryovac brings an optimized level of versatility and efficiency to automated bag loading. The high-speed system offers configurable options using roll or boxed taped bags for an expanded variety of product sizes, shapes and weights. Ideal for cheddar and Italian cheeses, the system allows processors to program their infeed for both in-line and perpendicular product separation and staging, depending on the application. The new loader also handles a wide range of product weights, from 8 ounces to 12 pounds, and requires minimal time for changeovers. Plus, it operates at speeds up to 45 cycles per minute depending on product length, and the touch-screen operator interface can be programmed to save up to 99 different product settings.
Sealed Air Corp., Cryovac Food Packaging Systems

R & D Ingredients

Mangosteen juice concentrate and puree from iTi Tropicals comes from mangosteen fruit, which is processed under GMPs and concentrated by an evaporator. Frozen mangosteen concentrate 30 brix is packed in 44-pound pails and 441-pound drums, whereas the puree is packed in 40-pound pails and 441-pound drums. Both mangosteen solutions are sourced from Thailand and free of any additives or preservatives.
iTi Tropicals

At IFT 2011, June 11-14 in New Orleans, D.D. Williamson will showcase a wide array of new natural coloring, including acid-proof class one caramel color and caramelized sugar flavor and certified-organic annatto extracts. Attendees can also swing by booth 4429 and taste-test a “chocoberry” juice drink, a red sports drink, processed cheese in red, yellow, orange and purple varieties, mini fruit tarts, taffy and other confections.
D.D. Williamson Colors LLC

SternVitamin introduced SternVit E 50% SD, a fat-soluble vitamin that prevents oil film from forming on the surface when drinks are fortified. SternVit E 50% SD consists of at least 50% vitamin E acetate with special carriers and flow aids, and as a single ingredient, is suitable for all beverages that are to be fortified with micronutrients, including drinks for athletes, Ace energy drinks, juices, milk, flavored milk drinks, yogurt, milk powder and more.
SternVitamin GmbH & Co. KG
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