Wild Flavors has commercialized a full line of taste modifiers and sweetness enhancers for use with stevia extracts. Along with the ability to label these modifiers and enhancers as “natural flavors,” the Wild portfolio allows for a reduction of up to 30% of nutrient sweeteners, reducing costs, while still delivering great-tasting products.
“Maintaining great taste while developing our taste optimization technologies is a core competency for Wild,” states Greg Horn, Senior Director of Sweetener Technology. “Flavor enhancers are utilized to round out the sweetness profile while eliminating the off-notes. The complete line of stevia modifiers and sweetness enhancers fit well with Wild’s history of great-tasting natural flavors.”
Wild has specifically developed a sweet taste modifier that works well with Reb A 60, a stevia extract with 95% stevia glycocides. Utilizing a trained sensory panel, Wild was able to match Reb A 95 with Reb A 60 plus the taste modifiers. The results of the panel showed no significant taste preference between the two beverages tested – a breakthrough for customers as Reb A 95 is approximately twice as expensive as Wild’s Reb A 60 plus Modifiers.
Wild continues its commitment to health, wellness, and natural products by the on-going development of its entire line of taste optimization technologies and sweetness enhancers for the broader use of stevia.

Wild Flavors