Lucky Layla Farms, Dallas, completed its new state-of-the-art dairy farm, Springville Farms. With the new facility boosting productivity levels, the Lucky Layla brand is poised for expansion throughout the Southwest region at the end of this year.

The recently completed Springville Farms is not a typical big cattle Texas dairy farm. Instead, the focus is to make the Guernsey and Jersey cows happy and comfortable, while maximizing productivity and quality. Rather than putting cattle on concrete like a typical dairy operation, Todd Moore, seasoned dairyman, lets his 600 head of cattle roam free on 1,180 acres of green grass. Moore also built two, 3-acre cooling lakes, where his Guernsey and Jersey cows can swim (or float) and cool off from the heat. By naturally cooling the cows, they will in turn eat more grass and therefore produce more milk. As a vertically integrated company, Moore then takes the premium milk from Springville Farms to the Lucky Layla creamery.

Each Lucky Layla product is all-natural and handcrafted using milk from the rBGH-free estate Guernsey and Jersey cows. The Lucky Layla portfolio consists of drinkable yogurts, golden butter, caramel and yogurt cheese.