Plant Equipment

IPEC’s product portfolio includes a range of 38 mm dairy closures consisting of the virtually leakproof  ISO (screw-on), consumer-friendly ISS (screw on or snap-on/screw-off), industry staple lightweight ITT (tamper tail), classic 5-lead ICD (screw-on) and easy-to-apply ISC (snap on/off) all used for gallon, half-gallon and single-service HDPE and PET applications. IPEC demonstrates its commitment to quality by providing the best technical service-to-account ratio in the industry when it’s needed the most, 24-7.

CEM’s Sprint Rapid Protein Analyzer provides results in two minutes without harsh chemicals or high temperatures. The compact and easy-to-use system automates an AOAC- and AACC-approved method. A winner of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, the Sprint System uses iTAG, a non-toxic protein-tagging solution that “tags” only the protein in a sample for analysis. Sprint is self-cleaning for hassle-free maintenance and is a safe, cost-effective alternative to lengthy traditional protein tests.
CEM Corp.

Omega Engineering introduced RDXL8, a line of multi-input portable thermometer/data loggers for remote logging. Designed as a mobile measuring device for the industrial environment, this line performs integrated recording, profiling and archiving functions. With its high resolution and fast analog-to-digital converter, the RDXL8 meets the data logging requirements in most industrial applications. This CE-marked product features a 5.7-inch display TFT LCD or monochrome 5-inch display, eight configurable isolated inputs for thermocouples and DC millivolts, graphic display of each input, programmable high or low alarm for eight inputs, built-in calendar clock, digital and analog (bargraph) data display USB communication with PC for downloading data and software.
Omega Engineering Inc.

Gamajet introduced Gamajet NanoJet, a fluid-driven rotary impingement tank cleaner designed for a 2-inch tri-clover connection. This machine is capable of both portable and permanent installation, and its sanitary design makes it ideal for cleaning small tanks with sanitary requirements such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care and nutraceutical applications. In addition, this machine is highly durable and powerful, is entirely fluid-driven with no external motors and allows for fast and reliable operation in a repeatable, reliable and verifiable pattern.
Gamajet Cleaning Systems Inc.

Fristam introduces the FKL A positive displacement pump featuring a rounded exterior for improved cleanability, split-style gearbox for easy access to bearings and shafts, labyrinth-style bearing isolators for maximum protection and customizable port-to-port dimensions for easy drop-in replacement of other PD pumps. It is CIP’able without performance loss and is built for all-parts-in “True CIP.” The FKL allows CIP flow to reach all areas of the pump, including the seal. Nothing is ever removed and cleaned “out-of-place.”
Fristam Pumps USA

Neogen Corp. earned Performance Tested Method approval from the AOAC Research Institute for its NeoColumn for Aflatoxin DR, which is an immunoaffinity column that isolates total aflatoxins in commodities such as corn, corn byproducts, peanuts and tree nuts. Aflatoxin is toxic for humans and is a carcinogenic substance. In NeoColumn for Aflatoxin DR, the toxin is extracted from a ground sample by blending and filtering before the extracted toxin is diluted and applied to the column. Positive pressure is used to induce flow through the column, allowing the antibody to capture any aflatoxin present. Bound aflatoxin is eluted using 100% methanol and is collected in a test tube and either evaluated using direct-read fluorometry or HPLC method.
Neogen Corp.

Spirax Sarco released Electronic Steam Boiler Controllers, designed for simple installation thanks to its unique enclosure design that allows chassis, panel or DIN rail mounting. This simple, easy-to-commission, safe and trouble-free product range features an infrared ‘inter-controller’ communication capability and remote RS485 ‘read only’ access to controller settings and parameters. In addition, these systems improve boiler performance and efficiency, reduce maintenance and greatly increase safety of operation.
Spirax Sarco Inc.

Elopak introduces Eco, a smart, efficient and green package for fresh and ESL milk. Eco is an environmentally sound package with unique score lines, creating an original shape and ergonomic handling function with cost savings of 2-5%. The Eco Activator, which activates the score lines, demands minimal investment and installation requirements and provides total flexibility of operations. The Eco Activator E-S Eco82 is placed on the conveyor downstream from the filling machine and activates the special Eco front and Eco Grip score lines of the form/fill/seal cartons with a maximum speed of 8.200 cartons per hour. The Eco Activator can be installed on existing Elopak lines for cost-effective and time-efficient applications.
Elopak Inc.

Polypack’s new series of shrink bundlers offers a great solution for dairies that need a compact, efficient shrinkwrapper. The DAIRY24 series includes a gable top wrapper, which creates shrink multipacks with vertical supports for stacking strength. It also contains washdown-friendly features, such as an enclosed pusher assembly, stainless steel washdown motors and a drip pan to protect the shrink film. It also maintains a small machine footprint, offers superior service life and meets sanitation requirements.
Polypack Inc.

Axon introduced a new generation of mandrel-style shrink sleeve applicators. The new Aurora applicator line incorporates state-of-the-art mechanical design with PackML programming and Allen-Bradley control technologies. The Aurora Prime model, for instance, offers 150 sleeves per minute speed, while the Aurora Premium provides 300 sleeves per minute depending on the size and shape of the container.
Axon Corp., a division of Pro Mach

Celsis introduced a range of new features for its Celsis Cellscan Innovate platform, designed to help dairy processors and packers maximize testing volume and uptime, remotely access and manage system data and comply with track-and-trace regulations. The platform now includes a mutli-user database for easy and simple internal and regulatory reporting. Users can monitor product quality test results and run queries from a central or remote location. It also comes with built-in flexibility to set dynamic thresholds, is compatible with iPads, provides an effective three-hour monthly maintenance protocol, an instrument cooling option for facilities running 24/7 and customized robotic auto-sampling for high-throughput operations.

RB Dwyer Group launched infinitely variable cylinder web offset print technology, or IVCO. This technology prints shrink labels as it compares to rotogravure with nominal tooling charges, faster turnaround and greater flexibility in printing multiple SKUs. The other new press is a digital one that offers the convenience of smaller runs, either for production or sales samples and the ability to do product samples for mock-ups.
The RB Dwyer Group

The AEGIS iPRO Bearing Protection Ring from Electro Static Technology extends the life of medium-voltage motors and improves the reliability of systems in which they are used by safely channeling harmful electrical currents away from bearings to ground.  Specially designed for high-current applications, the AEGIS iPRO is ideal for protecting generators, turbines and medium-voltage motors against electrical bearing damage. The rugged, highly reliable and maintenance-free AEGIS iPRO prevents damage that could otherwise lead to generator or motor failure, unplanned downtime, costly repairs and lost revenues. It is available in a range of sizes to accommodate generator/motor shafts up to 30 inches in diameter.
Electro Static Technology

Charm Sciences launched the 3 SL3 Beta-lactam test, which is a three-minute test that detects all six FDA-targeted drugs and establishes safe levels and/or tolerances in milk. The Charm 3 SL3 test lowers operating costs by receiving and clearing milk faster. It also is accepted for screening raw commingled milk bulk pick-up tankers for all six approved beta-lactam drugs used on dairy farms.
Charm Sciences Inc.

Thermo Fisher Scientific rolled out the Thermo Scientific e scan, an in-line guided microwave spectrometer (GMS) that is designed to analyze and measure multiple key properties of food products to improve costs, quality and brand value. The e scan moves the analyzer into the process stream, providing real-time, accurate process information and enables users to save time, materials, production capacity and energy. The e scan also measures bulk properties of a process material down to a fraction of a percent and is ideal for confectionery, nut butters and emulsions industries.
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.

Intelligrated launched the Alvey 890 mid-speed case palletizer. The Alvey 890 is the most flexible Alvey 800 series palletizer to date, and forms virtually any pattern with a wide range of package types and sizes on a variety of pallet platforms. The standard pattern creation utility has been enhanced to meet increasingly complex pattern requirements, including the ability to build four different layer configurations in one load. Capable of rates up to 75 cases per minute, the Alvey 890 features a compact footprint and flexible layout of front and side discharge configurations.

For plastic recycling plants, the Herbold Meckesheim Label Remover effectively removes wraparound polyvinyl chloride (PVC) labels from polyester (PET) bottles. The new machine also separates bottles that are stuck together, reducing labor costs for manual separation. By removing almost all wraparound labels early in the recycling process, the label remover also saves money because the cutting blades stay sharp longer. The label remover is available with 4,500- or 8,000-kilograms-per-hour capacities. 
Herbold Meckesheim USA, a subsidiary of Herbold Meckesheim Germany
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Hawk Measurement released the self-cleaning Gladiator Acoustic Switch Series for blocked chute detection and anti-collision for heavy machinery in wet or dry environments. The switch uses acoustic wave technology in a new sender/receiver form, while the amplifier powers two AW transducers. The switch requires a simple one-minute setup and allows for remote test function. Communication options include GosHawk, Modbus, HART, Profibus DP and DeviceNet.
Hawk Measurement Systems

SmartFlow Technologies and G&G Technologies debut the WholeStream Bioprocessing System, which combines a bioreactor with membrane cell harvest, clarification and concentration into a fully integrated, automated, modular and single-use system. The WholeStream BioProcessor Model 50-3000 incorporates a 50L G&G Omni Bioreactor system with a SmartFlow Technologies disposable OptiSep 3000 module and Pegasus system technology. The system’s total operation is controlled with a single, integrated control and HMI screen, with any additional unit operations integrated as needed in a “plug-and-play” fashion.
SmartFlow Technologies

Cannon Equipment unveiled the V-Nest distribution cart, which combines the hauling features of a heavy duty distribution cart with 1,200 pounds of load capacity and the locking features of a security cart. It can be used as a portable reusable shipping container, fits three across in a trailer for shipping and provides for easy, convenient storage. Meanwhile, the Z-Nest stocking and distribution cart is designed to combine distribution and security requirements for smaller loads. It features a unique “Z” base design for easy compact storage and includes an intermediate wire shelf.
Cannon Equipment, division of IMI plc

CrystalClear PET UV additive masterbatch from Ampacet enables bottle molders and sheet processers to offer brilliantly clear, non-yellowed packages with superior UV protection that preserves product integrity, color, flavor and nutritional value. A comparison study demonstrates that this FDA-approved additive reduces the cost per pound by as much as 40% when compared to standard PET UV absorbers. It is designed for plastic bottles for juice, water, vitamin-enriched waters and other products that benefit from a clear, glass-like plastic container.
Ampacet Corp.

R & D Ingredients

D.D. Williamson developed an acid-proof, certified-organic caramel color for the North American marketplace. The new solution provides stability below pH 2.5 and in alcohol up to 65% alcohol by volume. Customers using Caramel Color 820 can label “organic caramel color” in ingredient declarations. It also meets the requirements of Canadian organic regulations, and includes the USDA organic seal in conjunction with the Quality Assurance International mark on its own labels.
D.D. Williamson Colors LLC

ActivK MK-7 from Danisco is a fermented and purified Vitamin K2 ingredient using bacteria naturally occurring in natto. Stable under most processing conditions, ActivK MK-7 is suitable for a wide range of products, including dairy, beverages, fats and oils, bakery, cereals and bars and dietary supplements.
Danisco USA Inc.