The FMG600 Series electromagnetic flow meters from Omega Engineering are designed for measuring conductive liquids. The FMG600 mag meters have no moving parts or a PTFE lining and can handle applications involving wastewater, pulp, food and slurries. Standard outputs include analog, frequency and RS485 communications. Optional sanitary tri-clamp mounting allows use of the FMG600 flowmeters in applications not previously open to magmeters. Local- and remote-display models are available.
Omega Engineering Inc.

Hanna Instruments introduced the HI 900 Series titration systems, offering complete solutions for sample analysis. The innovative 900 Series can perform any kind of potentiometric, redox and precipitation titration. It features 100 pre-programmed user methods and can conduct end-point and inflection-point titrations. During the titration, temperature and measurement units are displayed, or the user can choose to activate real-time graphing that shows the exact curve profile of the titration on screen. Other features include Hanna’s exclusive Clip-Lock exchangeable burette system, automatic burette volume recognition and a programmable propeller stirrer with integral feedback control.
Hanna Instruments

Spirax Sarco is helping instrumentation users reduce their energy consumption thanks to the ultra-efficient SP400 and SP500 positioners. These digital positioners consume approximately 1% of the air of a traditional electropneumatic positioner and have class-leading low impedance, which helps save on controller power. The SP400 contains a simple menu system and can perform an auto-stroke calibration at the press of a button, resulting in reduced commissioning time. For users who require more functionality, the SP500 is a full-featured smart digital positioner with optional retransmission of valve position and software switches and can use a separate 24 Vdc power supply and communications protocols as well as diagnostics.
Spirax Sarco Inc.

RMT Robotics launched Adam Rap (reactive audio playback), a programmable sound system that features interactive voice messages and a mobile “vehicle-in-motion” alert system. An enhanced audio system generates a variety of sounds and automatically associates them with vehicle position or function, dramatically improving the effectiveness of the warning system. The Adam sound application also plays “text-to-speech” messages, sound bites or musical interludes through its mobile robot that can either actively or passively trigger in reaction to a variety of operational conditions and system inputs.
RMT Robotics

Westfalia Technologies launched Version 2.3 of its Savanna.NET Warehouse Management Software. Key features include real-time 3D visualization of the warehouse, a dashboard for tracking key statistics of warehouse operations, streamlined user-rights management interfaces and improvements to the order-picking module for integrating third-party picking solutions.
Westfalia Technologies, Inc.

Southworth Products’ redesigned PalletPal Level Loader features a smaller base, making loading and unloading pallets faster, safer and easier and eliminates the bending, lifting, reaching and stretching common to pallet-loading applications. The heavy-duty springs automatically lower or raise a pallet as weight is added or removed, maintaining the top layer of stacked containers at a convenient height. And the turntable ring allows the user to spin the load while standing in the same spot throughout the loading or unloading process. This economical unit requires no power, can accommodate loads from 400-4,500 pounds and is virtually maintenance free.
Southworth Products Corp.

Polytetra Series shell and tube corrosion-resistant heat exchangers from Asahi/America are designed and built per customer specification. The standard design diverts flow to the side of the shell, avoiding high fluid-flow forces that may damage the thin-wall internal tubes of the shell and tube-style heat exchanger, thus providing longer life and even heat transfer by spreading the temperature control media beyond the point of its initial concentrated contact area. Available in PFA, E-CTFE, PVDF and PP, the all-thermoplastic Polytetra tube and shell heat exchanger are ideal solutions for otherwise corrosive environments and come in a variety of designs and sizes.
Asahi/America, Inc.

The new Urschel Model CC-DL Cheese Shredder from Urschel Laboratories offers a larger, 32-inch cutting zone enclosure that promotes a smoother product flow with a larger discharge area to achieve higher capacities and diminish product build-up issues. Plus, the new model comes with a 10-horsepower motor and swing-away feed hopper to simplify cutting head changeovers. The CC-DL Cheese Shredder offers a wide variety of slices, shreds, newly available grating options and strip cuts, and features easily interchangeable cutting heads that enable switchover of heads in a matter of minutes.
Urschel Laboratories, Inc.

R & D Ingredients
Biovelop AB launched PromOat, a new oat-based, gluten-free and clean-label soluble fiber ingredient. Produced using locally-sourced Swedish oats and a patented, chemical-free separation process, PromOat is a natural ingredient that is rich in oat beta glucan (35%), enabling products containing PromOat to access the EFSA- and FDA-approved health claims. In addition, PromOat can be used as an effective fat-replacer, emulsifier, stabilizer and viscosity modifier and provides dairy products with an indulgent mouthfeel.
Biovelop AB
+46 11 253632

ADM Cocoa offers a line of cocoa powders and cocoa liquors that provide a significant impact on the flavor, color, texture and mouthfeel of finished products. This line of premium cocoa powders gives consistent flavor and color to a wide variety of dairy-based products, including chocolate milk, milkshakes, custard, whipped toppings and dairy premixes. Plus, the cocoa liquors provide a raw-based material for making chocolate, which can be used in virtually any application.
ADM Cocoa

Hydrosol developed new stabilizing systems for egg-free creams for the delicatessen sector. The emulsifying component is modified starch instead of egg. As a result, the systems are available for deli emulsions containing 30, 50 and 50-70% fat. These economical and easy-to-use powdered stabilizing systems dissolve without heating. Egg-free deli creams can be produced at any time on production lines normally used to make mayonnaise.
Hydrosol Produktionsgesellschaft GmbH & Co.
+49 (0) 41 02 / 202-003

Herza Schokolade produced small chocolate shapes to be mixed into ice cream, coffee-flavored brittle, biscuit or fruit chips, melt-in-the-mouth nougat, truffle products, caramel, yogurt and dairy confectionery pieces or used as decorations. These chocolate chips vary in shape and size and are available with a shiny finish or coating. Special effects can also be achieved with two-tone products. For example, diamonds, where one side is made of light and the other side of dark chocolate.
Herza Schokolade GmbH & Co. KG
+49 (0) 40 - 500 176-0