DSM launched Delvo Fresh, a new umbrella brand of specialized cultures designed to help manufacturers create home-style products aligned with local preferences, while delivering guaranteed quality and consistency for efficient production.

Delvo Fresh sour cream is the first portfolio of concept solutions to be launched, catering for regional trends in the global sour cream market. With the Delvo Fresh sour cream culture range, manufacturers can create any flavor profile, from the fresh lactic taste enjoyed in Germany to buttery, aromatic French varieties. To help producers capitalize on demand for reduced-fat sour creams, a trend particularly prominent in the United States, the solutions enable texture improvement in products containing less than 15% fat. In regions with fluctuating milk quality, such as Russia, DSM offers concepts to enhance texture and appearance, for better end product consistency. Delvo Fresh sour cream also helps remove the need for additional stabilizers in natural and organic options, while maintaining texture and viscosity and elps reduce fermentation times.

Qi Zhang, global marketing manager cultures for DSM, which is headquartered in The Netherlands, says, “Used for dipping, cooking and eating, sour cream is enjoyed across the world in many different applications. However, each local market has unique preferences. With Delvo Fresh sour cream, every spoonful can tell a different story. We’ve developed concepts that create any flavor, texture and fat content – depending on your local market needs. Whether you are a small scale, local producer or a global manufacturer, Delvo Fresh culture solutions offer the flexibility to produce home-style, traditional products tailored to meet regional needs, while delivering the processing consistency you need to remain competitive.”

DSM will be extending the Delvo Fresh range with options for additional fermented milk applications. The brand complements Delvo-Yog, DSM’s extensive portfolio of yogurt cultures. Delvo-Yog offers a solution for any yogurt application, from traditional high-fat yogurt to healthy, low-fat yogurt drinks and snacks.

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