Richfield, Wis.-based DCI Cheese Co. donated $45,000 to the American Red Cross in response to the recent earthquake in Haiti. This donation represents a $100 contribution made on behalf of each of the company’s 450 associates.

“We have all seen the graphic images of the humanitarian crisis in Haiti caused by the powerful 7.0 earthquake. In response to this extraordinary event, DCI has decided to step forward and directly assist in the relief effort,” says DCI’s chief executive officer Michael Mulhern. “We feel extremely fortunate to have such a terrific set of customers, suppliers and employees. We would like to take this opportunity to share our good fortune with those in need. We encourage other companies to participate in the relief effort as well.”

DCI Cheese Co.’s donation was made on January 17th and will be going directly to Haitian relief efforts in the wake of the country’s recent debilitating earthquake.

Contact: Kristy Klug

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