Eriez introduces a new generation of X-Ray Inspection Systems.

Eriez’ new state-of-the-art E-Z Tec XR Inspection Systems utilize advanced linear array technology that sets the standard in the industry for sensitivity, speed and sophistication. This advanced inspection system helps ensure product and package integrity by reliably identifying contaminants, scanning for missing or broken products, detecting packing voids, confirming fill levels, controlling product and package mass and fat analysis.

The E-Z Tec Series XR Inspection Systems also offer a wide variety of practical features that enable straightforward operation.

The systems’ user-friendly interface has a 15-inch touch screen, full-color display that accesses Windows XP and shows real-time images and diagnostic data. Additionally, it automatically analyzes product variations to consistently achieve optimum sensitivity throughout production, with no frequent calibration required.

With its adaptive software algorithms, the system automatically recalculates parameters as each product is inspected to attain ultimate sensitivity – automatically. Additionally, E-Z Tec XR’s mass control algorithm is extremely accurate at high production speeds.

Designed to efficiently operate with minimal intervention, E-Z Tec XRs are self-calibrating for exceptional stability.

For added convenience, connectors are located for easy access at the side of the cabinet, enabling interconnection of memory devices, external instruments and other equipment.

With multiple configurations available, E-Z Tec XR inspection systems can inspect virtually any discrete packaged items, continuous bulk product flows or pipeline systems.

To comply with Vendor Certification programs and satisfy HACCP and AIB requirements, the inspection system is available with a certified statistical process control package for automatic data collection and image storage. This system is optionally available fitted with Wireless or Ethernet networks for data collection, quality check monitoring and production scheduling.

The E-Z Tec XRs are manufactured out of stainless steel and are designed for the harshest environments.

Additionally, the XR series is supplied with software for individual or special applications to inspect for contaminant, product mass and non-conformities. A variety of reject styles are available.