Fogg’s new F4.1 filler model boasts of improved cleanliness. 

Fogg’s new F4.1 filler model boasts of improved cleanliness.  Like the current F4 model, the footprint remains petite, but now provides the option to add extended shelf life (ESL) features like an automated CIP system, rinser, Microb-Blaster, safety and sanitation Guarding with HEPA filtration, Sanibar and a base-flush system.  Each feature adds another level of sanitation for your product. 

Fogg’s F4.1 Series of rotary filling systems are the newest evolution of the F4 Series. These fillers are gear driven with an inline conveyor design like the larger models, but still maintain a very small footprint; taking 40% less floor space than a F6.2. The F4.1 makes a great filler for pilot plant or smaller production needs.

The series offers up to 36 filling valves; a gear-drive system with no lubrication required; highly polished stainless-steel construction; sloped base; available rotary rinser, capper and filler configurations; and optional semi-automatic one-way recovery trough, Tri-Line extended CIP valves, class 100 HEPA clean room, Microb-Blaster and Sanibar System.