Purity Dairies, Nashville, Tenn.’s home-grown dairy, has won several awards during the past weeks for an array of products at the Kentucky State Fair and the World Dairy Expo in Wisconsin. Purity prides itself on its long history of producing milk, ice cream, sour cream and cottage cheese products of award-winning quality and flavor.
“We look forward to these competitions every year,” said Mark Ezell, Purity president and CEO. “It’s a great chance to gauge reactions from the public to make sure we’re still delivering the flavor they love. We’re thrilled to see we’re still on target after 80 years.”
Judges at the 2009 Kentucky State Fair in Louisville, Ky., awarded Purity in numerous categories. Purity won first place for its 2% milk, regular cottage cheese and low-fat vanilla frozen yogurt. Ten products were named second in their categories including whole buttermilk, regular chocolate milk and butter.
Purity’s award winning products’ combined score bested competing dairies, making Purity the “2009 Outstanding Overall Dairy Products Exhibitor,” the Fair’s top award. To date, Purity has won more awards at the Kentucky State Fair than any other dairy.
Held in Wisconsin, the dairy capital of the world, the 2009 World Dairy Expo affirmed Purity’s unparalleled quality. Taking the top honor, Purity was named the “Grade A and Ice Cream Grand Champion” for its sour cream. The competition included 590 entries for milk, cheese and ice creams from across the United States.
Purity’s cottage cheese, both the low-fat and no-fat varieties, also reeled in first-place awards. Other products rated among the best in their categories were chocolate and vanilla premium ice cream as well as 2% milk.
As with the Kentucky State Fair, Purity has won more awards at the World Dairy Expo than any other dairy. Purity Dairies received a total of 24 honors at the two competitions.