At the IFT ’09 Annual Meeting and Food Expo, June 5-8, Dairy Management Inc. will demonstrate how dairy ingredients and dairy foods deliver exceptional nutrition, functionality and flavor to meet today’s consumer demands for convenient and healthier food choices.

Located at booth #327, DMI will be sampling several prototypes that feature value-added dairy ingredients. Also, experts from DMI, the National Dairy Foods Research Centers and other partners will present symposia and short courses to share the latest in cutting-edge dairy nutrition research. An additional symposium sponsored by DMI will explain the collaborative effort currently under way to improve the sustainability of the dairy industry.

Some featured prototypes will be a snack bar to highlight satiety, Jack ‘n mac, a traditional comfort food with a twist, women’s workout beverage, yogurt ranch, which is a reduced fat, natural dressing/dip and probiotic ice cream.

On the first day of a two-day short course on “Ingredient Applications for Product Innovation and Consumer Health,” Dr. Matt Pikosky, director, research transfer for the National Dairy Council, will present “The Role of Proteins in Weight Management,” while Phillip S. Tong, director of the Dairy Products Technology Center, will present “Functional Proteins (Dairy) and Their Health Applications.”

Other courses included counseling Americans on how to control their total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol consumption, a review of the latest research pertaining to Vitamin D through dairy and other food fortifications, the in’s and out’s of Vitamin D sufficiency and sustainability.

“We look forward to sharing with our industry partners the very latest in dairy ingredient and product research innovations,” said Alan Reed, senior vice president, U.S. Manufacturing & Ingredients Marketing, DMI.

For more information about resources provided by DMI and its National Dairy Foods Research Centers, or to learn the latest information on dairy-related research and information,visit