Nielsen-Massey Vanillas will donate 10% of its profits to The Nielsen-Massey Foundation. Formed earlier this year, the foundation will assist disadvantaged children and adults with education and leadership development, especially in the field of culinary arts. It also will consider requests for assistance in the development of sustainable environmental practices or for programs benefiting people in countries of need.

“The Nielsen family sees the foundation as an organized way to continue our charitable tradition,” says Beth Nielsen, president of the foundation. “But more than just a tribute to our family’s history, this foundation will be our legacy for future generations. The more our foundation grows, the more people we can help in years to come.”

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas has long supported charitable causes through product and cash donations, including several state and national culinary arts programs. Cash donations may now be given through the foundation. Applications will be reviewed quarterly by the foundation board.

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas is the producer of the world’s finest vanillas and pure flavors beans, processed with a proprietary cold extraction process. Third generation siblings Craig, Matt and Beth Nielsen own and operate the family company, which began in 1907.