When it comes to downsizing ice cream packaging, Safeway Inc., Pleasanton, Calif., takes the cake.

When it comes to downsizing ice cream packaging, Safeway Inc., Pleasanton, Calif., takes the cake. The company now offers an array of ice creams in single-serve 7.5-oz cups under the Safeway Select banner. Each cup is topped with an easy-peel lid. Underneath the consumer finds a flat wooden spoon-typical of cup novelties-separated from the ice cream by a cardboard lid. Ice cream varieties includes: Churned Light French Vanilla, Churned Light Mint Chocolate Chip, Moose Tracks, Premium Chocolate, Premium Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Premium Vanilla. Cups retail for $1.29, which equates to about $11 per half gallon. During select times this summer, the cups were part of a “10 for $10” promotion.

New Breakstone’s Organic Whipped Butter is debuting by Dairy Farmers of America Inc. (DFA), Kansas City, Mo., and is manufactured by Keller’s Creamery, a division of DFA. DFA introduced the new product in response to the rising interest in organic foods. According to market research, organic butter sales increased 26% last year and have increased by more than 200% since 2003.

“We are proud to be among the first to produce an organic whipped butter product,” says Larry Weaver, vice president of sales for Keller’s Creamery division. “We know more and more consumers are interested in organic products, and we wanted to offer an organic butter that spreads well and tastes great, too.”

Breakstone’s Organic Whipped Butter is kosher certified. “Kosher products are important to many consumers. While some look for kosher products for religious reasons, many recognize it as sign of high quality,” Weaver says.

The butter is packaged in an 8-oz tub and is available in 21 grocery store chains in seven states east of the Mississippi-Alabama, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

The Belgium Co., a family-owned butter company based in St. Cloud, Fla., has announced plans to sell in food stores what for several decades has given butter a special place at the table among the great hotels and resorts of the world. The most creative and artistic butter-molding company in the United States will now be offering some of its uniquely molded butter pats in packages for family use. For nearly 30 years, the special butter items were only available for sale in large-volume quantities, but with the new packaging, even small family gatherings can have butter that shames the bread.        

Retail packages will begin using butter molded in the shapes of swans, but throughout the year, special shapes will be available signifying various holidays. Prices start at $5.95 per box, enough for a dozen servings.         

Several years ago, the firm began selling some of its butter shapes on-line directly to consumers, tapping into the wedding and special occasion market. The success of this effort quickly led company owners to see the potential of providing family-sized packages in retail outlets.

Disney Consumer Products, Burbank, Calif., and Breyers Yogurt Co., Naugatuck, Conn., have teamed up to create Disney-themed Breyers Yogurt. This new kid-focused, low-fat yogurt line is designed for moms to appreciate and for kids to love. Available in a convenient six-cup multi-pack, Disney-themed Breyers Yogurt provides an excellent source of calcium and is a good source of vitamins A and D. It contains no high-fructose corn syrup or artificial colors and has only 110 calories per cup.

The line comes in the following characters and flavors (all featuring colorful flavor swirls): My Friends Tigger & Pooh-Strawberry Vanilla and Peach; Disney/Pixar’s Cars-Super Strawberry and Blazin’ Strawberry Banana; Disney Fairies-Cherry Blossom and Pixie Hollow Orange; and Hannah Montana-Super Star Strawberry and Rockin’ Berry Blast.

The yogurt will debut nationwide beginning in December, with multi-packs retailing for $2.79 to $2.99.

One of the country’s leading protein beverages for athletes and fitness-minded individuals just got lighter. For the individual who craves protein and a nutritionally packed drink in a calorie-conscious formula, new Muscle Milk Light Nutritional Shake from CytoSport Inc., Benicia, Calif., serves up a new 160 calorie, portable 14-oz variety. Original ready-to-drink Muscle Milk contains 270 calories. The new light version comes in a screw-top container so that users can easily reseal their shakes for later use, enabling pre- and post-workout consumption.

Available in Chocolate, Vanilla Crème and Strawberries ‘n Crème flavors, Muscle Milk Light Nutritional Shakes were developed to address the active individual’s nutritional requirements. Containing whey protein isolates that slow digestion of amino acids to stave off hunger, Muscle Milk Light yields a complete daily dosage of healthy fats, protein and carbohydrates with no added sugar. In addition to its new size, this formula also features new ergonomically designed packaging with sleek labeling that clearly identifies the drink’s health and nutrition benefits.

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Yoplait Light now comes in three new dessert flavors: Strawberry Shortcake, Raspberry Cheesecake and Pineapple Upside-Down Cake. A 6-oz cup contains 110 fat-free calories plus 20% of the Daily Value for calcium and vitamin D.

Baskin-Robbins, Canton, Mass., has introduced a line of smooth and creamy soft-serve products. The world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops is the only national ice cream chain to offer both soft-serve and hand-scooped ice cream. “Soft-serve represents 70% of all ice cream servings nationwide,” says Scott Colwell, vice president of marketing. “With the introduction of our soft-serve, Baskin-Robbins is now truly a destination that meets everyone’s ice cream needs in just one stop.” In addition to being served in cups, cones or with toppings as a sundae, the company has developed a variety of blended frozen treats called 31° Below.


Milk consumption is very high among children but drops as they hit their teen years. Unfortunately, many processors overlook this important consumer segment and target products only to kids or adults. In Indonesia, one manufacturer is actively trying to court this underserved demographic by launching a line of teen-oriented milks. NutriFood’s HiLo Vanilla Caramel Flavored Milk is designed for active teenagers and formulated to address the unique health needs of this group. The low-fat product is fortified with calcium for bone and teeth health and vitamins B1 and B2 for energy. HiLo reinforces its demographic positioning by including “teen” on the label, calling out its teen-specific benefits on back of pack and including graphics of active teenagers on the front label. With more teens turning to beverages including flavored waters and energy drinks, dairy processors should consider developing more products with this group’s needs and preferences in mind.

In Singapore, F&N Foods has launched Go! Chocolate Milk with ActiveMax-a branded ingredient that combines iron, magnesium and vitamins A, B1, B6 and D. The package claims that ActiveMax helps release energy quickly. The milk’s vitamins and minerals, coupled with its energy claim, make this product appealing to children and adults alike. The inclusion of a branded ingredient further differentiates it from other flavored milks in the market.

Contributed by Krista Faron, senior analyst, Mintel Custom Solutions,  Global New Products Database (GNPD). For more information call 312/932-0400, or visit www.gnpd.com.


These days, coffee is hot . . . and cold . . . in a variety of food applications. Brewed coffee, toasted and ground whole coffee beans, and coffee extracts, concentrates and powders are being incorporated into all types of foods and beverages. With dairy foods, working with freshly brewed coffee or whole beans is not typically feasible. Coffee ingredients are the more sensible choice from both a logistics and quality point of view, as ingredients are consistent in strength and flavor profile.

Here are some recent domestic introductions.

Orrville, Ohio-based Smith Dairy Products Co., adds Cappuccino Twister to its lineup of plastic 8- and 16-oz bottles.

“Because Cappuccino Twister is lower in fat and has just 150 calories per serving, consumers concerned about nutrition and who love the flavor of mild coffee can enjoy the healthful benefits of drinking milk, too,” says Penny Baker, director of marketing. Bottles of Cappuccino Twister, like other pint and half-pint bottles of Smith’s white, chocolate, strawberry, and Limited Edition flavors, sport Smith’s signature yellow color, which is the scientific secret behind the brand’s fresh taste. Lab studies indicate that bottles made of yellow plastic block harmful light that affects milk’s flavor and depletes its vitamins

The Community Coffee Co., Baton Rouge, La., now offers a ready-to-drink bottled version of its Mochasippi coffeehouse drink. Flavors are Coffee, Mocha and Vanilla. The drinks come in 9.5-oz glass bottles, and are sold individually and in four packs. Single bottles retail for $1.69 to $1.99 at the company’s café locations, as well as at convenience stores in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

Friendly Ice Cream Corp., Wilbraham, Mass., adds Java Fudge to its Friendly’s Sundaes To-Go single-serve ice cream cup line. This coffee-flavored ice cream is swirled with fudge, whipped coffee-flavored cream topping and chocolate chips.

Coffee and dairy are a globally accepted duo. Japan’s Koiwai Dairy Products recently introduced Espresso & Milk Jam (a confiture from Normandy, France, made by slowly reducing a mixture of condensed milk, fresh cream and sugar) beverage under its Sekai No Kitchen Kara brand.

In Italy, Milchhof Sterzing now offers Golosi di Sterzing-Vitipeno Coffee, a creamy yogurt made from milk from the Alps.