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Editor’s Note: Caps and closures provide the all important finish to a packaging operation, and serve crucial functions in the supply chain. When they are designed and applied correctly, they preserve the integrity of the product, and can also add visual appeal and help identify product type on the store shelf. But when design or execution are poor, caps can become an Achilles heal, resulting in leakers, weak product protection in the cooler, and poor functionality on the kitchen table.

For many years, cap suppliers and the companies that used them have worked together to improve all functions and in particular, tamper evidence. For milk jugs tamper evidence has become even more important in the last two years as FDA inspectors have put a new emphasis on secure closures. Even the commodity milk cap product lines are now being revamped with products that provide truer closure. The resulting products not only provide more security but they also reduce loss from leakage.

H.S. Crocker Co. has developed several new non-foil lidding structures to seal various size containers and polymers. For years, customers have asked for a pre die-cut lid other than foil. Metal detection, microwaveable, tear- and puncture-resistance are just a few of the advantages associated with these new materials. The company also produces paper and poly labels with and without over laminates and adhesives in roll-to-roll and single cut, heat-seal blister packs, in-mold labels, shrink film and various specialty printed projects for a range of applications. Printing is done on 9-color Flexographic presses from 13” – 32” with front and back print capabilities. The company can also offer portion cups (thermoformed and injection molded) in a variety of sizes and designs.

H.S. Crocker


A flexible package growth platform, the Multiserve SafePak, is available for beverages and liquid foods. Multiserve SafePaks enable shelf-stable liquids in large-format packages to be dispensed safely and repeatedly over extended time without refrigeration or power. Critical to Multiserve SafePaks is The Answer, a proprietary, user-friendly dispensing technology that prevents microorganisms and oxygen from compromising product safety, nutritional value, and taste, even during unrefrigerated, repeated use. Multiserve packaging replaces multipacks of single-serve beverages that require use of extra packaging materials and energy.

International Dispensing Corp.


SIG Combibloc has developed new spouts that meet the demand for convenience. combiSwift and combiSmart offer easy opening as well as even pouring and good re-closure. combiSwift is a handy, single-action flat screw cap for liquid milk products as well as for fruit juices and other non-carbonated soft drinks. It is available in various colors, so that it can be matched optimally to the respective beverage carton designs. combiSmart spout is a screw cap for small formats and features a three-part opening system with flange, integrated cutting ring and cap.

SIG Combibloc


The Securfit 176 is suited for conventional closure needs. This composite rec-round lid is  designed to fit standard 48-, 56- and 64-oz containers. Application is accomplished in standard elevators and capping equipment. The SecurTec 176 features one-step application plus a tamper-evident  solution that is visible at point of purchase. SecurTec 100 is ideal for ice cream manufacturers looking for quality graphics and tamper evidence in one package. Stanpac has recently updated several features on the 48mm TEC closures used on its glass refillable bottles. Improvements include a smoother peeling tamper evident band that is easier for the consumer to remove.

Stanpac Inc.


Alcan Packaging offers extensive rollstock and die-cut dairy lidding capabilities to meet a spectrum of barrier requirements. Solvent and solventless laminations are available, and Alcan dairy lidding can be used in aseptic applications. Alcan lidding delivers machinability, graphics quality and proprietary co-extruded peel-seal technology that combines seal strength and pull force.

Alcan Packaging


Elopak screw caps come in styles and colors to suit a range of fresh, ultra-clean and aseptic products. They are compatible with all popular cartons and readily available in North America.  Both Elo-Cap and Pure-Twist styles offer a tight seal with easy opening and pouring; Pure-Twist is larger with a pull-ring that makes it even more tamper-evident. Some styles are applied within the filling machine and others afterward, by Elopak cap applicators.


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Norse Dairy Systems (NDS) offers the ice cream novelty industry a colorful, affordable and proven clay-coated, heat-sealed lid for cones to provide bright and even color coverage. Producers that want to be sure that their novelties stand out in retail should consider the hold out and color coverage offered by clay-coated lids.

Norse Dairy System


IPEC’s family of 38mm closure offerings includes drop-lock design ISO (screw on) and ISS (snap screw) as  well as an improved tamper-evident version of the ITC snap-on closure. The company is introducing the ICD (IPEC Classic Dairy), which is a 5-lead-screw closure that will fit on standard industry 5-lead bottles. The closure has the traditional dairy cap design with a  tamper-evident band that is pealed from the cap using a horizontal pull tab and  improved t.e. performance.



Portola Packaging Inc. just introduced its trade-marked Steri-Shield line of closures for ESL and Aseptic beverage applications. The Steri-Shield line includes five different closures to meet a range of needs. All Steri-Shield closures are lightweight, resealable, and suitable for PET and HDPE bottles. These caps are designed to withstand the complex sterilization processing needs of aseptic packaging.  The closures are available in a many colors to complement your brand.

Portola Packaging

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Scholle Packaging offers the Sentry SafeLock System, a flip-top filling/dispensing system designed to eliminate the need for a two-fitment bag, decreasing the overall package cost and providing value to the customer. The Sentry’s flip top enables users to insert hoses and dispensing taps without removing the cap from the spout. The Sentry features two areas of tamper evidency and closed system dispensing for additional food safety.

Scholle Packaging


This 28 mm push-pull sports cap with integrated whistle is a good example on how Bericap closures can help manufacturers of low-end products make an impact on the store shelf. The idea of having a closure that can be reused as a whistle or a trumpet after the beverage is consumed was co-developed by Bericap and Kofola. The whistle closure does not require any modification of the capping line, but cannot be used on aseptic lines, unless after irradiation.

Bericap Sarl