To help food manufacturers respond to the FDA's new labeling rules for trans fatty acids, Dairy Management Inc. has launched an online resource at

By clicking on the microsite at, food manufacturers can access DMI's expertise in how dairy can help them reformulate foods with lower trans fatty acid levels. Dairy products and ingredients are naturally low in trans fat and naturally high in taste, nutrition and functionality.

Through the dairy-farmer-funded ingredients marketing program, DMI has consistently provided confidential assistance to food and beverage manufacturers in leveraging dairy ingredients to develop and improve their products.

DMI's expertise can play an even more critical role in the wake of the FDA's new rules requiring food manufacturers to list trans fatty acids on the Nutrition Facts panel of conventional foods and some dietary supplements by January 1, 2006. Any food product containing more than 0.5 grams per serving of trans fat must feature the trans fat level on its label.