Minneapolis-based General Mills introduces another omega-3-enhanced kids’ yogurt product under the Yoplait brand.

Minneapolis-based General Mills introduces another omega-3-enhanced kids’ yogurt product under the Yoplait brand. New Yoplait Kids Yogurt Drink features life’sDHA, a patented, vegetarian form of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) omega-3, which is a fatty acid important for brain, eye and nervous system development in infants and children. The 3.1-oz yogurt drinks debuted nationwide in mid-August.

Breyers Yogurt Co., North Lawrence, N.Y., part of Healthy Food Holdings LLC, Boulder, Colo., is making DHA omega-3 yogurt a family affair. The company’s new Breyers Smart! Yogurt with life’sDHA is the first yogurt product available at mainstream retailers nationwide that is targeted to consumers of all ages. Formerly known as Breyers Fruit on the Bottom, the entire Breyers Smart! product line is now fortified with DHA.

Blue Bunny, from Well’s Dairy Inc., LeMars, Iowa, introduces Light Omega 3. This yogurt product features 300mg of alpha-linoleic acid (ALA) omega 3, which is completely derived from flaxseed oil, allowing the yogurt to retain its full flavor, according to the company. Blue Bunny Light Omega 3 comes in packages of four 4-oz containers in four flavors: Black Cherry Orchard, Blackberry Crème, Raspberry Crème and Strawberry Patch.

“Consumers have told us they want more taste and nutrition from their dairy products,” says Mike Cecil, retail dairy marketing manager for Blue Bunny. “The changes we have made to our yogurt line help us to continue to exceed our consumers’ expectations for great-tasting yogurt with healthy benefits.”

Kraft natural cheeses go organic. The Northfield, Ill.-based cheese marketer has rolled out organic versions of some of its best sellers, including Cheddar chunks and shreds, and mozzarella shreds and strings. All that organic trim cheese needs an outlet. Could organic Velveeta be coming next?

New ready-to-drink Adina coffee and tea drinks from Adina for Life Inc., San Francisco, come in four flavors: Ethiopian Iced Espresso, Indian Iced Chai Latte, Mayan Iced Mocha and Sumatran Iced Vanilla Latter. They are organic drinks made with Fair Trade Certified ingredients. Each has the distinctive flavor notes that come from single-source coffee beans or tea leaves.

Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery, Ellsworth, Wis., is launching vacuum-sealed packages of its famous Cheddar Cheese Curds. These smaller size (5-oz) packages make cheese curds an on-the-go snack. The cheese is packed fresh, with the vacuum sealing extending the curds’ shelflife to 14 months when kept refrigerated and unopened. The company explains on the package that Cheddar cheese curds became popular when Wisconsin cheesemakers would take handfuls of fresh, squeaky curds home to their kids after a day’s work. The curds are randomly shaped and are the form of cheese before being pressed into blocks of Cheddar.

Noteworthy Introductions

New Boursin Toppers are mini bites of original Boursin cheese. This convenience form comes in two flavors: Garlic & Fine Herbs and Garlic & Black Olives.

Richfield, Wis.-based DCI Cheese Co., adds two flavors to its Goldy’s Handcrafted Cheese Spreads line. The additions are Mediterranean Olive and Sweet Peppadew Pepper with Feta Cheese.  For the holidays, the company is also re-releasing two wintertime favorites: Cranberry Walnut and Spiced Pumpkin.


Danone brings Activia to The Netherlands with a money-back guarantee if one does not experience a regular bowel movement after consumption of three Activia products. American processors might want to consider this type of actionable claim, particularly as the probiotics market becomes more competitive. For consumers who may be wary of trying Activia for the first time, this product offers a no-risk way to experiment with probiotics.

Feta cheese is popular with consumers, but the liquid that accompanies it can often be messy. In addition, some feta lovers may find it difficult to slice the cheese into cubes that maintain their shape. Most American feta processors only offer this cheese in block or crumbled forms. To combat these concerns, Arla has launched Apetina White Cheese in the Czech Republic. This innovative product pre-slices the feta-style cheese into cubes and provides a special tray that raises the cheese out of the preservation liquid. The result is a convenient, non-mess way to enjoy feta in salads and other dishes.

U.K.-based Calon Wen introduces organic milk in new sustainable packaging. This co-op is on the cutting edge of green living with its eco packs that provide 75% less packaging-a benefit that is clearly marked on the label design. As consumers gain new interest in sustainability issues and the environmental footprint that companies create, all dairy processors would be wise to consider packaging that addresses these issues.

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