Family-ownedSteuben Foods Inc. , Jamaica, N.Y., has established another business-Whitney Foods Inc. -to market its new line of aseptic, single-serve smoothies: Yo on the Go™.

Family-ownedSteuben Foods Inc. , Jamaica, N.Y., has established another business-Whitney Foods Inc. -to market its new line of aseptic, single-serve smoothies: Yo on the Go™. Sold exclusively through the Costco club store chain, these strawberry smoothies are packaged in 8.25-oz prisma cartons, 15 to the case. Based on low-fat yogurt, the smoothies no longer contain live and active cultures because of the aseptic processing they undergo to make them shelf stable. The smoothies are marketed as a nutritious blend of low-fat yogurt and fruit that is portable and convenient. You can stock up and store at room temperature, but chill to use as needed. A single package contains 30% of 10 essential vitamins and minerals, 180 calories and 3g fat. A serving is also an excellent source of calcium (20% of the Daily Value.)

To Go! fromKraft Foods, Northfield, Ill., is a new convenient cheese and cracker snack pack for adults. Sold in two packs, each To Go! is a 1.5-oz tray of cheese and crackers. It comes in two combinations: mini Triscuit® crackers with natural marbled Colby and Monterey Jack mini cheese squares, and mini Ritz® crackers with natural Cheddar mini cheese squares. One tray, however, is described as two servings, with one serving containing 170 calories and 11g fat. The tray with Ritz crackers has 190 calories and 13g of fat and the tray with Triscuit crackers has 170 calories and 11g of fat.

A leading marketer of goat milk,Meyenberg Goat Milk Products, Turlock, Calif., enters the gourmet cheese market with specialty Cheddar and Jack cheeses, which the company believes will change the way Americans think of goat cheese. Four goat milk Jack cheese varieties, an aged goat milk Cheddar and a Special Reserve Cheddar are now available in select markets around the country.

The aged goat milk Cheddar is reminiscent of an Asiago cheese, which is full of robust flavor, and has a firm, drier texture than traditional Cheddar cheese. The Special Reserve Cheddar possesses a delectable sharp flavor as a result of its minimum one-year age. The Jacks come in four varieties-plain, smoked, jalapeño and garlic & chive-and have an unusually light, creamy texture.

The Cheddars are available in 5-lb blocks, or in a 5-lb case of 10 8-oz bars. The Jacks come in 4-lb uncut wheels and in 4-lb cases of 10 8-oz bars. The cheeses retail for $15 to $19 per pound, with the exception being the Special Reserve Cheddar, which commands a higher per pound price: $17 to $22.

You can pour it over cereal or toss in some fresh fruit. You can drink it by the glass guilt free thanks to all natural, low-fat ingredients and less sugar than the leading yogurt smoothies. Consumers can satisfy the whole family and save some money, too. Antioch, Calif.-basedBrown Cow Farmintroduces convenient 32-oz bottles of low-fat yogurt smoothie in strawberry and original flavors. Both flavors have 15% to 30% less sugar than leading smoothies, without adding artificial sweeteners. The multi-serving package is ideal for families and the family budget.

Owned by Stonyfield Farm, Londonderry, N.H., Brown Cow Farm is the nation's leading yogurt brand in natural food stores and is best known for its "cream top" offerings. In the tradition of all Brown Cow Farm products, the smoothies are made with milk from cows not treated with recumbent bovine growth hormone (rBGH).

Noteworthy Introductions

Organic Farm Marketing Inc. , Thorp, Wis., markets new Wisconsin Organics™ butter. The salted, sweet cream butter is certified organic by Midwest Organic Services Association Inc., Viroqua, Wis.

With milk and cream listed as the first two ingredients, Delphos, Ohio-based dairy foods marketer and manufacturer Lakeview Farms strays just a bit from its famous single-serve, dairy dessert product lines. For patriotic holidays, the company has developed Red, White & Blue Custard Style Cheesecake, which comes in multi-serving 45-oz containers sold through club stores and supercenters.


Asdain the United Kingdom has recently introduced 1-liter bottles of Popcorn Flavoured Milk, a limited edition milk that is said to be free from artificial colors. Unique to the States, this flavoring has been seen throughout other countries, including a popcorn-flavored yogurt in Germany and a caramel popcorn-flavored milkshake in Australia.

New fromLatteria Sociale Meranoin Italy is Bionessere Henri Chenot Anti-Oxidant Yogurt Drink, a papaya- and guava-flavored, reduced-lactose and fructose-sweetened probiotic drink containing a high level of polyphenols from grape seeds. It is described as providing a strong antioxidant effect while simultaneously regulating the intestine. These particular products, often referred to as "beauty foods," are becoming increasingly popular throughout Europe, after originating in Asia Pacific.

Central Lechera Asturianain Spain has introduced its new Natur Jalea, a milk drink enriched with royal jelly and aloe vera. Packages describe the drink as "the secret to vitality." This particular company is becoming known for its innovative introductions in the dairy sector, with its Natur Linea range of products (enriched with Tonalin-branded CLA for a better fat metabolism) and its Natur Fibre range of fiber-enriched milks and yogurts.

In France,Fromarsacreleased P'tit Louis cheese assortment, which is a package containing seven cheese portions, including two goats milk, three cows milk and two sheeps milk cheeses. The cheeses are packaged in a barn shaped box, with pictures of a cow, goat or sheep on each individual portion of cheese. This product is quite obviously positioned towards children, with a focus on packaging to catch interest.

In Taiwan,Stardard Dairylaunched Yoplait Perle de Lait Original Flavor Yogurt Drink, a low-sugar yogurt drink containing lactoferrin, which is said to promote iron absorption and immunity enhancement, particularly for children. It is also said to help regulate the physique, making it an attractive beverage for adults as well.

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