Worldwide, manufacturers of dairy products look to FMC for the uncompromising performance and quality of its naturally-occurring stabilizers - Protanal® alginate, FMC carrageenan, and our family of Avicel® microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) - to improve the stability, efficacy and sensory characteristics of their dairy and protein based products. Recent efforts at FMC have focused on consumer demand for foods that are healthier, resulting in recommended starting formulations that offer higher protein content, lower carbohydrate levels, reduced caloric content, and reduced/no fat foods and beverages to address concerns surrounding trans fatty acids in dairy products.

Innovations in product development and food formulations provide improved stability, texture and structure in a broad array of dairy products, including high protein and acidified dairy/soy beverages, adult nutritional drinks, RTD chocolate and flavored milks (for batch, aseptic or retort processing), frozen desserts and novelties, and dairy desserts that are formulated with lower levels of carbohydrates and/or fats. Since each protein system provides unique challenges to formulators, FMC's technologists and researchers continue to develop and refine recipes using their portfolio of stabilizers in order to achieve optimum stability and textural properties.

With a 60-year legacy of innovations, FMC BioPolymer continues to look forward, harnessing nature's raw materials to provide the best products and application ideas for its customers. A thorough team of technical and application technologists, sales and marketing team, customer service and regulatory assistance allows FMC to leverage its knowledge of hydrocolloids and food ingredients to create new possibilities for our customers. Rely on FMC BioPolymer for inspiration, collaboration, and innovation. Together we can "Master the Art of Innovative Thinking."

Available in January 2004, FMC BioPolymer will issue a new section in their Hydrocolloids Resource Manual (HRM) focusing on beverage applications. Contact your local FMC BioPolymer representative to receive your copy.

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