New high speed overhead orienter from A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp. accepts product for palletizing and turns it 90


As a manufacturer of Fanuc robotic solutions, Delkor provides a full range of robotic packaging solutions, from the picking of the raw product, to the loading of the carton or case, and finally, robotic palletizing of the package. Features of the Delkor robotic automation line include complete layout, design, integration, and set up at Delkor before shipment. Proven end-of-arm tool is designed to handle corrugate and shrink film for product pick up.

Delkor Systems


Deville Technologies engineers and manufactures conveyors specifically designed to reduce cheese loss. These conveyors have numerous features to optimize sanitation and product flow. Heavy gauge rounded tubular framing, stainless steel washdown duty drum motors and variable speed drive. Hoppers, pans and side rails are quick release for easy cleaning. The thermoplastic belts are self-aligning, removable without any tools and available in a positive drive configuration. Dual-position belt scrapers allow scrapings to be included or excluded from the final product.

Deville Technologies

Dyco’s palletizing systems have been integrated with Kuka robotics to provide increased flexibility to simultaneously palletize multiple lines with different product packages, while retaining the adaptability to program for future products and packages. The Kuka palletizing robot is provided with PalletTech software, providing total palletizing control from a single operator’s screen.

Dyco Inc.

Lantech’s new Q-300XT Plus stretch wrapping system allows the fork truck operator to drive up, position the pallet on the turntable, start the machine with a lanyard switch, and drive away. The wrapping machine automatically attaches the film for the start of wrapping, and cuts the film at the end, eliminating the need for the fork truck driver to dismount and handle these operations. Available with a Simple Automation option. 


The Hi-Speed CM6900 is designed for checkweighing unwrapped blocks of cheese utilizing dovetailed o-ring belts for smooth product transfers. The IP69K Mettler Toledo electromagnetic force restoration weigh cell delivers unparalleled accuracy minimizing product giveaway. Open frame construction with tool free conveyor removal makes cleaning, sanitation, and maintenance fast and easy. The 15” color touch screen user interface with intuitive navigation delivers quick product changeovers and production monitoring at-a-glance.

Hi-Speed/Mettler Toledo

OK International Group manufactures a complete line of stainless steel sanitary conveyors, automatic box filling systems, custom product handling and automation equipment, all designed to exact specifications. OKI manufactures stainless steel conveyors, which utilize belts made of fabric, plastic or stainless steel wire.  All belts are USDA and FDA approved. These value-added systems provide increased productivity and decreased manufacturing costs.

OK International

PIAB, a global leader in industrial vacuum technology, offers its complete line of C-Series vacuum conveyors for powder and bulk applications. The C-Series of conveyors are ideal for conveying starches, powders and other dry ingredients that are typically used in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.  Powered by the company’s highly regarded pneumatically driven vacuum pumps, these systems safely and quietly transport up to 10-15 tons/hour of material in virtually any manufacturing or processing environment.


Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., has introduced the Schneider Bag Palletizer, available for single and multiple line systems. Designed  for heavy or industrial sized bags of product, Schneider’s state-of-the-art Bag Palletizer is ideal for applications where consistent throughput and well packed unit loads are essential. Controlled motion assures smooth and dependable product flow, increases line throughput and reduces product damage typically associated with manual handling while eliminating the risk of back injuries linked to manual palletizing. Schneider is an authorized Fanuc systems integrator.

Schneider Packaging

Rugged best describes Westfalia’s entire line of pallet conveying equipment. For over 30 years, Westfalia has provided customers with heavy-duty pallet conveying systems, most of which are still in use today. The company offer both fixed direction conveyors, and change of direction units. Both types offer reliable, innovative pallet handling that will transport and accumulate pallets smoothly. Westfalia designers can customize pallet handling conveyor heights, widths, and speeds to best fit your needs.

Westfalia Technologies


New England Dairy Automates Palletizing Operations

Guida’s Milk & Ice Cream of New Britain, Conn., is one of the largest independent dairies in New England. Since 1886 Guida’s has had the reputation of supplying the finest products and service to its large customer base. Guida’s produces a full line of dairy products, ice cream mixes, fruit juices, fruit drinks and water.

Until recently the dairy’s production line ended with manual palletizing of its 8 oz to 1 gallon milk products. Employees were required to do the physically demanding and potentially dangerous work. The company needed a solution that would increase efficiency and speed of the operation and provide a safer working environment for employees, so it turned to its partner Dyco, Inc. to develop a solution.

Dyco had recently developed a new palletizing system using robotics and after evaluating the dairy’s operations suggested a fully automated palletizing system using a Kuka  Robotics’ Kuka KR 180 PA robot.

The new automated system is being used to palletize two lines of milk products. Depending on production demands, the Kuka KR 180 PA robot runs from 12 to16 hours per day six days a week, making the dairy more productive and efficient. Additionally, the new system has allowed Guida to free two employees that are now assigned to less physical and more intellectually demanding projects elsewhere in the dairy. This increases job satisfaction and safety for the employees while increasing production speed and accuracy for the company.

Dyco, Inc.
Guida Dairy