It's deja vu all over again at a former Parmalat plant in Millbank, Ontario, now home to Mornington Heritage Cheese and Dairy Co-op. The maker of goat's milk cheese recently received a processing license and will soon be making yogurt and bottling goat's milk as well.

The community-owned co-op has bounced from one location to another before ending up where it started. Parmalat set up shop in the 1990s but closed down in 2000. The co-op grew out of the Perth East Community Project which was formed when Parmalat left the plant. At the time, Parmalat was not prepared to sell the plant back to the community so the co-op moved to other facilities over the next few years.

The goats' milk is bought from 17 area farmers. The cheese and milk is sold in health food stores and supermarkets.