Two of America’s beloved cultural icons have come together in a natural marketing scheme. Nabisco has placed the popular GOT MILK? trademark on one of its most popular cookies—the Oreo. America’s favorite cookie—and milk’s too—hit shelves nationwide in September with Oreo packages and cookies embossed with the GOT MILK? logo. “Oreo cookies and milk go hand-in-hand – literally,” says Jeff Manning, executive director of the California Milk Processor Board (CMPB). “Nothing beats an ice cold glass of milk and an Oreo…It’s a classic combination.”
Finnish firm Valio has developed and patented a process to produce lactose-free dairy products using membrane filtration technology. Valio's technology will be marketed worldwide in a joint effort with Tetra Pak. The companies will be separately responsible for deals with those who purchase the technology. The companies say the new technology removes lactose completely (<0.01% lactose), leaving none of the slightly sweet taste inherent in low-lactose milks, according to the company. Valio will license the membrane technology manufacturing process to customers and Tetra Pak will deliver membrane filtration equipment and engineering.