Britain's "Got Milk?"

They've had the Beatles and the Royals, and now the British have "Got Milk?"™ Beginning this month, Great Britain's Milk Development Council-a generic promotional program for dairy farmers in the UK-will begin offering the Got Milk? trademark throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

Goodbye in Madison

Dean Foods is shuttering the Morningstar Foods plant in Madison, Wis., saying it will move production of creamers and other products to facilities closer to customers. A nearby distribution center will still be used, but the plant, built in 1929 will most likely be sold and redeveloped.

Combined Forces

The Tipton Group, Washington, D.C., led by the former head of IDFA Tip Tipton, is pooling forces with Prime Consulting Group, Inc., Bannockburn, Ill. The two consulting groups will target food companies and offer expertise in marketing, sales and product development.

New Research

Research findings presented last month by the University of Wisconsin suggest children who avoided dairy products gained substantially more weight over a 12-year period than those who ate at least two servings a day. The study also shows that kids gained more weight if they consumed high-fat or low-fat diets, rather than moderate-fat diets, bolstering the idea that moderation is a key to maintaining healthy weight.