When a sweet tooth calls, even the most health-conscious consumers now have some great options thanks to Blue Bunny® Swirl Sensations™ premium yogurt.

When a sweet tooth calls, even the most health-conscious consumers now have some great options thanks to Blue Bunny® Swirl Sensations™ premium yogurt. Blue Bunny Swirl Sensations combine rich, creamy yogurt with incredibly thick swirls of indulgent caramel or real fruit filling. The result is a fabulous assortment of decadent dessert-flavored yogurts unlike any other yogurt on the shelf. FromWells' Dairy Inc., Le Mars, Iowa, Swirl Sensations are available in six flavors, each perfect for whenever or wherever the need for an indulgent treat strikes.

New York Cherry Cheesecake™ is New York-style cheesecake-flavored yogurt with a thick swirl of real cherry fruit filling. Strawberry Shortcake blends shortcake ‘n cream yogurt with a thick swirl of real strawberry fruit filling. Peach Cobbler combines creamy cobbler yogurt with a thick swirl of real peach fruit filling. Autumn Caramel Apple™ provides the crisp notes of a fall tradition enjoyed year-round by blending apple n' spice yogurt with a thick swirl of caramel sauce. A distinguished southern favorite-Southern Pecan Cheesecake-is cheesecake-flavored yogurt with a thick swirl of caramel ‘n' pecan sauce. And lastly, Bananas Foster is swirls of caramelized brown sugar ‘n' spice in rich, creamy banana yogurt.

Atlanta-basedCoca-Cola North AmericaandGodiva Chocolatier Worldwide, New York, is preparing to launch a new line of premium blended indulgent beverages called Godiva Belgian Blends®. Based on reduced-fat milk and Godiva® chocolate, the new beverages come in three flavors: Dark Chocolate Mocha, Milk Chocolate Mocha and French Vanilla Latte. The national launch begins July 31. Godiva Belgian Blends will be sold in stylish 9.5-fl-oz-glass bottles-in singles and four packs-at convenience stores, supermarkets and other retailers.

"This is a great opportunity for us to extend our strong portfolio of licensed products by combining the world's leading premium chocolate brand with the beverage marketing expertise and distribution capabilities of Coca-Cola North America," says Jim Goldman, president, Godiva Chocolatier Worldwide.

Don Knauss, president and COO of Coca-Cola North America, adds, "Collaborating with Godiva on a beverage line like this is a great opportunity for Coca-Cola North America, and builds upon the reputation of both companies for high-quality, consumer-preferred products."

Kern's Beverages LLC, Pleasanton, Calif., known for their whole fruit nectars and Original Horchata, introduces Kern's® Mango Horchata and Coffee Horchata. Horchata is a traditional Mexican beverage made with milk, rice and a hint of cinnamon, commonly served from big glass "jaras" at street stands and in Mexican restaurants. New Mango and Coffee Horchatas are unique and refreshing variations of Kern's Original Horchata.

"Kern's already brings the delicious authentic taste of Horchata to the convenience of your grocer's dairy case," says Mary Tarczynski, marketing dir. "We have two unique blends that appeal to consumers of all ages and ethnic backgrounds."

Kern's introduced its Original Horchata in 2003. The single SKU is a solid performer with retail volume up 26% this year. Research suggests that Mango and Coffee will be enthusiastically received by both Hispanic and general market consumers. Kern's Horchata is packaged in 64-oz cartons and typically shelved with refrigerated juice blends and sold at a retail price of $2.99-$3.29.

Manufactured byVentura Foods LLC, Brea, Calif., new Dean's® Cajun Ranch Dip and Dean's Grilled Chipotle Dip are made with authentic Tabasco® fromMcIlhenny Co., Avery Island, La. Dean's is a registered trademark that Ventura Foods licenses from Dean Intellectual Properties Services II, L.P. The new dips are said to be able to heat up any occasion. Starting with a base of skim milk and whey, these two varieties join a lengthy line up of Dean's-branded dairy case dips.