Advanced Instruments Inc.; All American Foods; Autocrat Inc.; Cargill; CEM Corp.; Delta Instruments/Advanced Instruments Inc.; MicroThermics Inc.; Tate & Lyle; TIC Gums

Advanced Instruments Inc.

Booth # 3938

The single-sample Cryoscope was redesigned with four new features that benefit laboratories by maximizing up-time and increasing productivity.
  • Multiple language capability
  • On-board printer
  • Test results stored in memory for later recall
  • Downloadable software upgrades

The Model 4250 Cryoscope combines reference method freezing point depression technology, a new design and state-of-the-art electronic technologies that enhance accuracy, reliability, and usefulness. With its capability to test cow, goat, sheep, and buffalo milk, this flexible instrument is ideal for all dairy processors, including specialty milk producers.


All American Foods

All American Food's offers its Pro Mix® product line of specialty dairy and non-dairy ingredients for a variety of applications. In most applications, traditional dairy powders such as nonfat milk, buttermilk and whole milk are naturally over-engineered for the applications in which they are being used. Pro Mix® incorporates only the nutrients essential to your application so you can save money, without sacrificing quality. With four modern FPA-Safe audited facilities, centrally located in the US, All American Foods is ready to help with your ingredient needs. Pro Mix® specialty products are used in a wide range of applications including but not limited to bakery, processed meats, frozen desserts, salad dressings, beverages, soups and sauces, and confectionery applications. You too can discover the Pro Mix® advantage.

121 Mohr Dr.
Mankato, MN 56002

Autocrat Inc.

Booth # 657

Autocrat, Inc., a fourth generation family-owned business that roasts coffee and manufactures extracts, has enjoyed rapid growth of coffee extracts in both national and international markets. With over 100 years of tradition, Autocrat offers regular and organic coffee extracts that are used to flavor ice cream, iced cappuccino drinks, soy beverages, and other dairy products in this category which is poised for unprecedented growth, as well as flavoring for alcohol based products.

To meet the demand for coffee extracts, the company has purchased a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art extraction system. The addition of this equipment substantially increases capacity and gives Autocrat, America's leading producer of coffee ingredients, a continued advantage in the flavored dairy beverages category.



Booth # 1939

Cargill will showcase great-tasting, consumer-driven prototypes including ‘Orlando in June' ice cream, featuring the dairy expertise of the recently acquired Degussa Food Ingredients, as part of the company's "Concept to Consumer" theme in booth #1939.

Degussa Food Ingredients' extensive applications knowledge and global experience in all food and beverage categories will help Cargill better support customers' efforts to produce great tasting, healthier and more convenient foods. This new partnership also gives food developers an unrivaled range of texturizers, emulsifiers, flavor systems and blends from one source, expanding formulation development options.


CEM Corp.

Booth # 4824

Optimize your process control, decrease your analysis time, and save money. CEM offers a complete line of award-winning, microwave-based process control and analytical laboratory instrumentation for the food industry. Get accurate fat and moisture results in minutes without solvents or frequent calibration with the AOAC-approved Smart Trac™. The Smart Trac System provides accurate moisture/solids determinations in minutes, even on low-moisture and temperature sensitive products! The Mars™ Reaction System rapidly processes up to 40 samples simultaneously for trace metals analysis. See for yourself why CEM is the #1-selling brand of microwave laboratory instrumentation in the world.


Delta Instruments/Advanced Instruments Inc.

Booth # 3938

The Delta LactoScope FTIR is an infrared analyzer capable of accurate determination of fat, protein, lactose, total solids and other components in a wide range of milks, creams, ice creams and other dairy products. The analyzer features the simplicity and low cost of time-proven infrared technology, in a small, easy-to-use instrument. The unit provides exceptional stability and repeatability by employing a unique "corner-cube" mirror design that maintains permanent alignment. The LactoScope FTIR is available in manual and automatic versions with throughput rates up to 450 samples per hour. Installation and on-site training are included. Delta Instruments is a member of the Advanced Instruments, Inc., family of companies.


Kerry Ingredients

Booth # 2545

Kerry Ingredients, 100 E. Grand Ave., Beloit, Wis. 53511,, will be debuting new ‘inherently healthy' product concepts at this year's IFT, booth 2545. The products were developed to provide specific solutions to opportunities raised from Kerry's brand new ‘Health & Wellness Survey,' conducted in cooperation with the A.C. Nielson Center for Marketing Research at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Call your Kerry Account Manager or (800) 334-4788 to schedule a personal presentation of the new survey highlights. Stop by Kerry's booth 2545 to see and taste Kerry's new inherently healthy product prototypes developed to proactively address the most imminent health concerns of today's consumers.


MicroThermics Inc.

Booth # 1741

MicroThermics specializes in small scale UHT/HTST, aseptic, pasteurization, hot-fill, and continuous cooking processes. New this year are our Miniature Production Systems for low volume high value products such as ingredients, pharmaceuticals, or Bio-Tech products. Our laboratory systems are used extensively for R&D. We offer laboratory UHT/HTST steam injection, Touchscreen PLC controls, tubular, plate and microwave systems with in-line homogenization and Ultra-Clean Filling. At MicroThermics, we simulate the whole process, not just the hold tube.


Tate & Lyle

Booth #1957

Following last year's successful launch at IFT of four new services: Tate & Lyle Create®, Tate & Lyle Optimize®, Tate & Lyle Rebalance® and Tate & Lyle Enrich®, global ingredients manufacturer Tate & Lyle has brought over ten Solution Sets to market in the US. Solution Sets are co-processed combinations of ingredients that allow food manufacturers to achieve certain nutritional goals, such as sugar, calorie or fat reduction in a product, without compromising on taste and texture. At this year's IFT, Tate & Lyle will be profiling Solution Sets and product prototypes in four key areas: dairy, beverage, snacks and bakery. In addition, Tate & Lyle will be highlighting the benefits of using SPLENDA® Sucralose, and its unique functionality, in multiple category product applications. Tate & Lyle's dairy ingredients offerings have recently been expanded by the acquisition of Continental Custom Ingredients (CCI).

SPLENDA® is a trademark of McNeil Nutritionals, LLC


TIC Gums

Booth # 2183

For dairy products, taste, texture and flavor are everything. Visit the TIC Gums' Texture Innovation Center at IFT 2006 and let their dedicated staff of Gum Gurus guide you through selecting the best stabilizers for your product line. Whether you need an organic stabilizer or a fiber fortified system, TIC Gums offer a full line of dairy stabilizers and specially designed texturizing systems to meet the ever-changing needs of the dairy industry. We're your Gum Guru.