Functional novelties; protein shots; new dips

This new product comes fromAdvanced Nutrition Concepts, San Ramon, Calif., a company made up of a bunch of folks who spent a lot of years in the ice cream business. They came together with the goal of formulating a frozen snack that not only kept out the bad stuff, but was jam-packed with really good stuff such as protein, calcium, fiber, antioxidants and a whole bunch of essential vitamins and minerals. The result is GoodBody frozen nutrition bars, which carry the tag line: The cool way to give your body what it needs.

Made with a proprietary blend of whey, egg and soy proteins, a single 3.25-fl oz bar contains as much protein as many sports nutrition bars (7g to 10g). There are two lines within the brand: GoodBody Refresh bars are fat-free, cholesterol-free vanilla bars smothered with real fruit sorbets. At only 120 calories a pop, these bars are marketed as a new refreshing way to get the nutrition you need every day. The GoodBody Reward bars are rich-tasting, chocolate-based frozen bars that give your body essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, without being loaded with fat and calories. Each bar contains 120 to 180 calories and 0.5g to 7g fat, depending on variety.

GoodBody bars are currently sold in retailers' ice cream freezers throughout the state of Arizona. The company is also pursuing the school foodservice business and makes a special bar that meets the proposed new limits on school fare as described by the Arizona Department of Education. Like the GoodBody bars in supermarkets, the school-sized ones are packed with the same nutrients, and measure in at only 70 calories. They contain no fat; no preservatives; no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners; no high fructose corn syrup; no lactose; and no cholesterol.

Protica, Inc., LaFayette Hill, Pa., introduces Profect®, the world's first capsulized protein beverage. Patients with special medical needs, as well as dieters, health enthusiasts and even snack food addicts can benefit from the 25-gram dose of hypoallergenic protein Profect delivers in its compact, ready-to-drink vial-shaped container. Profect is a beverage containing 25g of protein, 0g fat, 0g carbohydrates and the complete spectrum of water-soluble vitamins. Profect weighs only 2.9 fl oz, and is packaged in a virtually unbreakable, vial-shaped container (patent pending). Profect can be consumed in less than five seconds.

"Instead of just replacing a meal, Profect complements it. We developed Profect to quickly supply your body with the protein and vitamins missing from any meal or snack, particularly those high in carbohydrates or fats," says Jim Duffy, pres. "Profect also helps the body naturally reduce fat storage, increase nutrient utilization and accelerate metabolism,"

Actinase®, the patent-pending, 25-g protein complex in Profect, is a natural, hypoallergenic, enzymatically hydrolyzed formula containing whey proteins and casein. Profect comes in four flavors: Blue Raspberry Swirl, Cool Melon Splash, Fresh Citrus Berry and Grapefruit-Mango.

Just in time for Super Bowl Sunday,Dawn Foods, Inc., Portage, Wis., introduced an extensively line of premium dairy-based dips. Starting with either sour cream or cream cheese, the six variety line includes Cajun Krab, Chili con Queso, Dill, Roasted Red Pepper, Smoked Salmon and Vidalia Onion. A 2-tb serving contains 60 to 120 calories, depending on variety. The dips are packaged in attractive clear plastic, recloseable 10-oz containers. Just open and serve!

Danone Canada Inc., has launched its first 0% fat yogurt product called Cardivia®, which contains MEG-3® brand omega-3 fatty acids. "We see real value in co-branding our Cardivia yogurt with MEG-3 because it clearly communicates to consumers that they are getting EPA and DHA from fish oil, which has been demonstrated through thousands of studies to support good heart health," says Tom Pugh, dir. of marketing with Danone Canada.