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Edible Glitter can be used to contribute colorand/or flavor to food products. Glitter can be soluble or insoluble, with the latter most applicable in dairy foods such as ice cream, yo-gurt and even dairy-based beverages. Regular soluble glitter is based on gum Arabic, while in-soluble glitter uses a sodium alginate base. The insoluble glitter stays intact in solution, while the soluble glitter dissolves, providing more of a speckled, polka dot-like appearance in ice cream. Glitter can be added during the time of manufacture or stirred in by the consumer for added play value.

Watson Foods Co.

Demand for nutritional products is growing and formulators continue to search for innovative ingredients that address functionality and flavor issues. Glanbia Nutritionals has re-sponded to this need by developing processing conditions that allow them to control the function-ality, bioactivity and flavor of whey protein, making it possible to tailor ingredients to particular applications. This gives Glanbia the ability to bring innovative new protein ingredients to market. With recently developed whey hydrolysates, for example, Glanbia has been able to greatly reduce bitterness, overcoming a common problem with this type of product. Glanbia has completed the first phase in expanding its whey processing capabilities to create new protein ingredients. In this initial phase, extensive R&D efforts have led to the development and commercialization of high-quality whey hydrolysates. The second phase of the $4 million expansion will be complete in early 2004.

Glanbia Nutritionals Inc.

Freeze-dried-conventional and organic-fruit and vegetable juice powders have ap-plication in yogurt and smoothies. Crystals International uses a unique and unduplicated process to concentrate juices in order to retain natural flavors, aromas, colors and nutrient profiles, the company says. The freeze-dried juice powders are acidic and can easily be added to a fully cul-tured yogurt product, as well as act as a stable, natural colorant without impacting the yogurt's texture.

Crystals International Inc.

The United States relies heavily on imported guar gum, obtaining more than 96 million pounds annually from India and Pakistan. To reduce this dependence, Southwest Guar Coopera-tive was formed in 2001 to establish a domestic alternative that ensures a safe, secure and stable supply. The cooperative, which is the only source of GMO-free, 100% certified domestic guar gum in the United States, is ready to begin supplying guar processors with raw guar gum.

Southwest Guar

Jana's Classics Inc.
The trend towards better-for-you ice creamcontinues to grow, especially as consum-ers become more concerned about obesity and diabetes. However, they do not want to sacrifice flavor and variety along the way. With this continuing trend, Jana's Classics has created an excit-ing line of no-sugar-added baked and dough inclusions. The ingredients are sweetened with su-cralose and come in flavors such as Cheesecake Dough, Fudgy Brownie Baked Mini, Pie Crust Baked Mini and Chipless Cookie Dough.

Jana's Classics Inc.