The new HyVol Protein-Plus Systemfrom Westfalia Separator offers valuable cost-saving benefits in the production of milk by providing greater product retention and lowering overall operating costs. This exclusive Westfalia innovation is an available option on new Westfalia separators and can be retrofitted to existing machines. The Westfalia HyVol Protein-Plus System enables separators to be discharged every two hours, yielding one-third fewer and shorter ejection cycles than competitor models. In addition, there is almost no protein loss, so there is more profit in production. Other benefits of the HyVol Protein-Plus System are reduced water consumption; lower utility costs; and less wear on the machine, which means less maintenance is required. "When good milk is needlessly lost in the production process, so is good money," said Constantine Triculis, Westfalia's director of food tec. "But now, thanks to Westfalia's ground-breaking HyVol Protein-Plus technology, that no longer has to be the case."

Tetra Pak
The Tetra Centri® 918 HGVseparator was developed to provide high capacity, high performance, and high reliability. Tetra Centri 918 HGV, manufactured by Tetra Pak, includes the latest in fluid dynamic technology and the proven hermetic design. That's how this Tetra Centri separator can achieve high capacities while still providing the best skimming efficiency, low power consumption and low noise level. Even at high flow rates, the hermetic Tetra Centri 918 HGV still provides smooth and gentle product acceleration, assuring a high product quality while maintaining a consistent performance. The Tetra Centri 918 HGV is supplied with a monitoring kit that allows key parameters such as vibration, bearing temperature and speed to be continuously monitored.

The new non-self-cleaning "mini" milk separator type MTC 3from Westfalia Separator has been designed for small dairies or pilot plants. This separator skims milk and whey in the lower capacity range with a capacity of up to 600 liters per hour. It has a space-saving design and is supplied on a frame for easy handling. The type MTC 3 separator convinces through its high performance, simple operation, easy cleaning and the low-noise smooth running properties. Even conversion to a clarifier is possible without difficulty. This makes this milk separator the ideal tool of the trade for small dairies. The separator is equipped with a solid-wall disk-type bowl and is manually cleaned. A sight glass enables an oil level check. The hood is detachable. It is driven by a standard three-phase AC motor. Power is transmitted to the bowl spindle via a flat belt. This drive makes the separator particularly easy to service. All bearings are splash-lubricated from a central oil bath.

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