Staying ahead in the dairy industry, focusing on cheese and yoghurt, requires a good understanding of fast moving consumer trends, as well as a strong value chain, where new product types can easily be introduced and produced under competitive conditions. Chr. Hansen's expertise originated in the dairy industry. Also for the future we have a strong commitment to stay a forceful, undisputed market leader for ingredient solutions for the global dairy industry. Our ingredients solutions and application know-how and facilities help customers to optimize production and respond quickly to new consumer trends.

Dairy Cultures.

As a world leader, Chr. Hansen helps dairies throughout the world to produce high quality cheese and fermented milk products. Our culture range includes new innovations in taste, texture and phage resistance.

Probiotic Cultures.

Our BB-12® Bifidobacterium, LA-5® Lactobacillus acidophilus and L. casei 431® are three of the most well documented probiotic strains available. More than 50 published clinical studies have been conducted on these specific strains, and researchers report enhanced intestinal well-being and immunity, with positive effects on diarrhea, constipation and the skin disorder, atopic dermatitis. This documentation allows manufacturers to promote their probiotic products for wellness.


Christian D.A. Hansen began selling rennet of uniform, reliable quality to the cheese industry 130 years ago. Today we are the market leader, supplying natural, fermented and microbial coagulants to cheese producers all over the world.


Chr. Hansen is the leading supplier of natural colors. We offer natural color solutions from yellow and orange shades for cheese, to colors that reflect the flavor of fruits and berries for yogurt and other fermented milks.


We understand the need for mouthfeel and flavor impact in processed cheese and spreads. Based on our expertise of cultures and enzymes in the dairy industry, we have developed a range of cheese and dairy flavors that are uniquely designed to aid our customers to develop products with a profile that can be distinctive to their brands.


Chr. Hansen offers liquid spice seasoning blends to meet the consumer interest for seasoned cheeses and cultured dairy products. Our seasonings give a myriad of possibilities for creating convenient, functional and unique dairy foods, without the risk of bacterial contamination.

Test kits.

Dairies are aware of the dangers of antibiotic residues, and consumers are pressing for purer dairy products. Chr. Hansen offers high-sensitivity antibiotic test kits to prevent the negative effects of antibiotic residues, and to enhance process control.

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