Dean Foods Co.'s website last month had a message for displaced Brown's Dairy employees advising them on whom to contact about receiving their paychecks and for information about their employment at the New Orleans dairy.

The message included a new phone number for Brown's. The 100 year-old dairy serves four Gulf states-Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida-that were hit by the devastating storm last month. The main plant in New Orleans, is located on Baronne Street, between Storyville and the Garden District. Dean Foods has made no comment on how the operations were affected.

A Winn-Dixie plant in Hammond, La., was also left inoperable after the storm.

Notices of short supplies of resins used for blow-molding milk jugs were issued by suppliers. IDFA says it might have resulted in cutbacks in milk processing for several companies last month. Katrina caused the closure of a major U.S. hydrogen-producing facility in

New Orleans, leading to a shortage of HDPE resin.

IDFA asked the plastics industry for prioritization of milk over other non-perishable food products.

Meanwhile, SleeveCo, Inc., Dawsonville, Ga, is helping a displaced family by completely supporting them for the next four months. This includes housing, jobs and all other necessities.

The Gipson family left New Orleans East in a fishing boat after waiting three days to be rescued by U.S. military. They went on to Baton Rouge and were airlifted to the Cajun Dome in Lafayette, La. The family of six is now in Dawsonville. The employees of SleeveCo. will help the family with various processes involved in starting anew.