Whether it’s warehousing ingredients and supplies or shipping product, dairy processors have very specific material handling needs.

Editor’s note: Whether it’s warehousing ingredients and supplies or shipping product, dairy processors have very specific material handling needs.

On the surface, forklifts, conveying equipment and bulk containers and palletizers seem like very basic technology, but there’s innovation in even the most out-of-the-way places. And in material handling, some of the newest developments have to do with anti-microbial materials that can help processors in their never-ending quest for better sanitation.

Shuttleworth Inc., Huntington Ind., recently introducedAn antimicrobial compound that can be used in all of its food processing and conveying systems. The compound has been shown to inhibit the spread and growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, yeast and other unwanted organisms. The inorganic material contains silver an it can be either molded into conveyer components like rollers, and bushings, or spray/baked over surface areas like frames and other components. The coatings are being reviewed for approval by EPA, FDA USDA and NSFI.

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With over 50 years of service to the dairy industry, Cannon Equipment Co., Rosemont, Minn., specializes in all types of material handling systems and delivery methods. Cannon will help processors develop a system to meet the long-term marketing and distribution requirements. These systems include:

  • Stacks of cases for delivery on two-wheel hand carts,

  • Cases stacked on forkliftable pallets,

  • Case product that rolls on wheeled dollies,

  • Rolling carts for transporting high-volume products,

  • Or corrugated product for long-haul transport and one-way warehouse shipments
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The new Model HL2000 Palletizer, from Columbia Machine Inc., Vancouver, Wash., has a small price tag, small footprint, but is big on performance, the company says. The latest in Columbia’s series of high level palletizers, the HL2000 is ideal for multiple dedicated line applications. The HL200 handles 20 to 30 cases per minute, depending on case size and pallet pattern. It’s fully upgradeable to higher speeds, and modular design and floor-level elevation makes it a convenient and efficient way to automate your palletizing line.

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SmartCrate™ hand-held, collapsible plastic containersfrom IPL Products Ltd., are returnable, collapsible containers ideal for moving perishable groceries and other products to retail as well as plant-to-plant transfers of work-in-process materials. IPL’s SmartCrate series offers innovations and design features originally developed for the produce industry. These collapsible crates offer an intuitive 2-step assembly, high cube utilization, and a high return ratio, dramatically reducing handling, freight and storage costs when compared to other returnable plastic containers. Additionally, the SmartCrates are GMA pallet compatible and cross-stackable, as well as increased stacking strength and durability.

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Famous for its revolutionary AS/RS systems, Westfalia Technologies, York Pa., also offers a full line of warehouse management equipment and systems. Among its most recent offerings is the Model 870 Automatic Palletizer. Westfalia says it’s intelligent, affordable, maintenance friendly, and the most durable palletizer available. Designed for the rigorous user, it offers the flexibility to palletize multiple products and the ruggedness to operate in harsh environments. Westfalia also recently introduced its new The DeepLane. storage system product line, that— depending on the pallet type and system design requirements convey most pallet-types— includes both spring mounted drum style brakes and direct mounted (all steel gear) braking mechanisms. When pallets are deposited in the DeepLane. storage system, the gravity flow design allows pallets to automatically convey and accumulate at the discharge end. This easy gravity flow operation and high-volume first-in-first-out (FIFO) product rotation is a trademark of DeepLane that serves its users well, the company says.

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The Deepflow Palletrak Systems from Engineered Products, Greenville S.C., are designed for each pallet handling application and are engineered to mesh with other material handling systems. The Palletrak System maximizes storage density with its flow-through gravity-fed design allowing pallet loads to flow under controlled speed to the discharge position for removal. These systems transform wasted aisle space into valuable FIFO storage, so you can put nearly every foot of floor space and air space to profitable use.

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