Fristam Pumps is a leading international manufacturer of high performance stainless steel centrifugal and positive displacement pumps, blenders and mixers.

New from Fristam:

FPR Series Centrifugal Pumps:

Fristam's FPR centrifugal pumps save processors time and money with easy maintenance and reduced inventory. Built with a front pull-out seal, FPR pumps are quickly serviced and do not need to be pulled out of line for seal changes. Additionally, no special tools are required for service. The FPR series reduces maintenance inventory. Two seal sizes fit the entire line and FPR pumps have fewer parts, allowing processors to stock fewer maintenance parts. CIPable, it meets the most stringent sanitary standards. An optional stainless steel flange provides improved corrosion resistance.

FS Series Shear Blender:

Designed for inline mixing the FS eliminates unblended product and prevents the formation of lumps and masses in mixture. Its inline operation increases product consistency and through-put while eliminating the time consuming and costly mixing of batch processing. It can be used to homogenize, blend, emulsify, disperse, dissolve and texturize. CIPable, no teardown is needed for cleaning.

Powder Mixer:

Fristam's new Powder Mixer blends dry and wet ingredients into a fluid stream. This efficient mixing method incorporates a Fristam FZX liquid-ring pump and FS shear blender into a system that pulls a consistent amount of vacuum and maintains performance even as product viscosity increases. Customizable to your process needs.

Other key Fristam products for the dairy industry:

  • FKL Series heavy-duty positive displacement pumps
  • FP Series heavy-duty centrifugal pumps
  • FPX Series standard-duty centrifugal pumps
  • FZX Series liquid ring pumps for air-entrained applications
  • FM and FPH Series high-pressure pumps
  • FL II Series standard-duty pumps

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