Fristam Pumps is a leading international manufacturer of high performance stainless steel centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. With more than 80 pump models and numerous modifications, there is a Fristam pump to meet your precise needs-from receiving through processing to cleaning.

Key products for the dairy industry include the FKL Series high performance positive displacement pump and the new FS Series shear blender.

Fristam's high performance FKL Series positive displacement pump simplifies cleaning and reduces maintenance. Completely CIP'able without any performance loss, it provides high-pressure capabilities and low shear with no daily tear-down. An oil bath gearbox design simplifies and reduces its maintenance. The oil bath extends bearing life, eliminates the need for bearing grease and reduces oil change-out to only every 4,000 hours. A patented balanced rotor prevents distortion, even at high differential pressures. By dispersing pressure evenly across the rotor, the FKL allows for higher pressure capabilities, better efficiencies and less maintenance and downtime.

Fristam's new FS Series shear blender for inline mixing eliminates unblended product and prevents the formation of lumps and masses in mixture. Its inline operation increases product consistency and through-put while eliminating the time consuming and costly mixing of batch processing. It can be used to homogenize, blend, emulsify, disperse, dissolve and texturize. CIP cleanable, no teardown is needed for cleaning. Products include: cheese, milk mix, salad dressing, mayonnaise, ice cream mix, powdered egg, sour cream and yogurt.

Other Fristam pumps include the following:
  • FP heavy-duty centrifugal pump series
  • FPX standard-duty centrifugal pump series
  • FT transfer pump series
  • FZX series liquid ring pump for air-entrained applications

  • FM and FPH series high-pressure pumps
  • FL II series standard-duty pump
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