Exact Packaging, Inc. (EPI) provides integrated and stand alone labeling systems and promotional inserters for the Dairy Industry.

Our Horizontal labeler has the capability of applying the label directly to the film prior to the sealing process. This allows for exact label placement because the label is applied while the film is controlled and not to the finished product on the conveyor. The Horizontal Labeler is used in the block and shingled cheese packaging process for both primary, pricing and nutritional labeling.

Our VFFS Labeler (Flex-Pac Labeler) is mounted to the side of the bagmaker and applies the label directly to the film as it advances down the forming tube. The label is applied "on the fly" thus allowing for accurate placement each and every time. The Flex-Pac is used in the shredded cheese packaging process for both primary as well as nutritional labels.

Our stand alone unit (U-II Labeler) is used in the milk industry as well as the processed cheese industry. In the milk industry our U-II Labeler is the labeler of choice for applying labels to the front & back of a plastic milk containers. The U-II is mounted either directly to the conveyor or on a three caster T-Base stand. The T-Base stand offers you the ability to move the labeler away from the line during the wash down process.

The U-II Labeler is also used in the block cheese industry for applying top and bottom labels after the product is sealed. Again the labeler can be mounted directly to the conveyor or a T-Base stand. A very attractive feature to utilizing the T-Base stand is that you have the flexibility rotate the labeling head 90 degrees in a matter of minutes. This gives you the ability to run different label winds with just the turn of a wrench.

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