Did you know your computer can fill a hungry child’s empty glass with fresh milk? No, you don’t have to connect a USB cable from a cow to your laptop. Instead, all you need to do is make a donation to the Great American Milk Drive. From your cell phone, text MILK to 27722.Your donation will be converted into coupons that food bank clients can exchange at their grocery store for fresh milk.

The need for fresh milk is especially critical in the summer because school is out; no more pencils, books or teachers’ dirty looks. Also, no fresh milk for school children. Sadly, many children rely on their school’s free breakfast and lunch programs for the nutrition they need to develop properly. So when summer comes around, they miss milk and other nutritious foods and beverages.

Fresh milk is rarely available because food pantries often lack enough refrigeration space to keep milk from spoiling. What’s the solution? The milk industry and Feeding America created a fund-raising campaign to put fresh milk into the kitchens of America’s neediest citizens: children and adults alike.

So that is how you can make your computer or smart phone give milk.