Welcome to the dairy case, a round-up of what’s new in products, companies and marketing. In this issue: Perry's Ice Cream, MaggieMoo, Kemp's, Cheese Culture: A Whey of Life, Golden Penguin winners and more.

Welcome to Jim Carper's Dairy Case, a look at the new dairy products, companies and marketing efforts making the news.

Sweeps and Promotions
During July, to celebrate National Ice Cream Month (and continuing through Labor Day),Perry's Ice Creamis giving away year supplies of its ice cream through its Picture Perfect Summer Sweepstakes! To enter, upload a photo enjoying Perry's Ice Cream to the contest application onthe company's Facebook pageto be eligible to win weekly and monthly ice cream prizes. Perry's sells and distributes to New York, western Pennsylvania, New England and northeast Ohio.

The drive-in restaurant chainSonic has added, for a limited time, a line of Sundae Shakes. The shakes are available in three  flavors: Turtle, Strawberry Dream and Classic Hot Fudge. The treats are served in the restaurant's new metallic-looking cup, specially designed to resemble the classic metallic cups from vintage soda fountains and ice cream parlors.

To celebrate Miss Maggie Moo's birthday on Wednesday, July 20, MaggieMoo's Ice Cream and Treaterywill be giving away a free mini Coke float from 3-6pm at participating locations. MaggieMoo's Ice Cream and Treatery is managed by GFG Management, LLC, a subsidiary of Global Franchise Group.  

Cottage Cheese Recalled
Old Home Foods Inc.
issued a voluntary recall of cottage cheese sold with the expiration date of Aug. 1. The cottage cheese might spoil prior to its expiration date, the company said. Consumers can return the product to the retailer for a full refund.

Award-winning Dairy Processors
The National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association
(NFRA) will award 23 Gold Penguins in recognition of the best promotions for March National Frozen Food Month at the Grand Awards ceremony during NFRA's convention in Orlando, Fla., on Oct. 25. The Golden Penguin Award symbolizes excellence in successful merchandising and promotion in the frozen food industry. In addition, 55 Silver Penguin winners have been chosen. These awards are typically presented at the local level at appropriate frozen food association meetings.
Dairy processors receiving Golden Penguin awards are:Kemps, LLC,Cedarburg, Wis., andNestle USA, Northbrook, Ill.Nestle Prepared Foods Co., Solon, Ohio, andNestle USA - Pizza Division,Northbrook, Ill., were among the Silver Penguin recipients.

May Dairy Products Prices
The National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), Agricultural Statistics Board, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released May product prices on July 5.

Total cheese output(excluding cottage cheese) was 915 million pounds, 3.9 percent above May 2010 and 3.8 percent above April 2011. Italian type cheese production totaled 394 million pounds, 6.6 percent above May 2010 and 2.2 percent above April 2011. American type cheese production totaled 371 million pounds, 0.1 percent below May 2010 but 3.9 percent above April 2011.

Butter productionwas 156 million pounds, 18.3 percent above May 2010 but 1.8 percent below April 2011.Dry milk powders  (comparisons with May 2010). Nonfat dry milk, human - 148 million pounds, down 4.6 percent.

Skim milk powders - 35.7 million pounds, up 108.0 percent.Whey products  (comparisons with May 2010). Dry whey, total - 91.5 million pounds, up 2.6 percent. Lactose, human and animal - 86.0 million pounds, up 13.4 percent. Whey protein concentrate, total - 36.6 million pounds, down 0.5 percent.

Frozen products  (comparisons with May 2010). Ice cream, regular (hard) - 75.1 million gallons, down 5.7 percent. Ice cream, lowfat (total) - 38.6 million gallons, up 9.8 percent. Sherbet (hard) - 4.29 million gallons, down 4.5 percent. Frozen yogurt (total) - 4.33 million gallons, down 11.0 percent.

All reports are available on the NASS website.    

Cheese Retailer To Open in Florida Next Month
Cheese Culture: A Whey of Life, a unique cafe and retail shop specializing in international and domestic artisan cheeses, boutique wine, craft beer, charcuterie, classes and daily fresh foods will open in August in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The store retained Simply the Best Public Relations as its public relations PR firm. The store is founded by Susan Phipps.
 "Our mission at Cheese Culture is to offer the freshest artisanal cheeses and create a friendly atmosphere where customers can taste and learn about all the various types available to them," says Ms. Phipps, who has taken numerous classes and workshops mastering her knowledge on all aspects of the cheese making process.  The shop has a tasting room where weekly and monthly classes will be held to focus on such topics as cheese and wine pairings, cheese and beer parings and Cheese 101 for beginners.

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